Friday, September 11, 2015

Tia and Riz (tiny) Play Kitchen

Hehe. nope, the brand isn't Tiny. but it is! it's tiny for my liking. argh. You see, I really wanted a play kitchen. for the kids yeah, not for me:P Call me whatever you want, but I just want a kitchen for the kids to roleplay in. I've always imagined me cooking in the kitchen, and the kids working on their kitchen next to mine. Can you picture that?

So off I went googling for play kitchens everywhere possible. I specifically want wooden ones. so i striked off Little Tikes and  Fisher Price. So there was the famous Ikea Duktig Play kitchen which looks too plain and the oven looks like a normal cabinet. Then there were the great Kidkraft kitchens- retro red coloured ones, baby pink ones, white. these are the dream kitchens.  and they are priced at RM1k and above. are you kidding me? they're nice, but I don't have access money to swim in or just 'throw away' just like that. After that comes the ELC Mothercare ones. pretty pretty ones, but still 1k and above. The Melissa and Doug ones, which don't really compare to the Kidkraft ones. Hape gourmet kitchen pulak too plain for its price. See, lots of research going on there! *malu*

The China made kitchens cost between RM250-RM699. Mother Garden brand, and a few others. The MotherGarden ones are nice, but too pink and girly. They have those Safari themed and Bear themed ones which looked unisex but a bit on the expensive side at the point when I was impulsive.

So I asked Tia...which one would you prefer? A kitchen or a dollhouse?

She said "A dollhouse! for my Disney Princess Magiclips to live in!"
Argh man. conflict of interest. Riz no need to ask. whatever kakak plays....he will play.

So I decided to get the cheapest toy kitchen I can search for out there and I found one on At that point it was perfect because the oven looked realistic, and the colours are so unisex- blue, red, yellow. and also - priced at RM300.  Perfect for now. ting ting transfer duit. besok sampai! credits to Kangaroo Express.

Hmm...instructions in Mandarin. Took me a while to figure it out and in the end just use common sense.

And so the pening process commenced..
I am actually pretty bad at fixing things! so it took me an hour to get this together. tsk tsk. To ensemble I only needed a screwdriver and a ..whats this called? *points down* -see how bad a fixer I am? Almost done now...

Then tadaaaah!

Yup. too small for Tia.  she had to sit to play with it. sighhh.
She was excited for a few minutes and now the kitchen is officially Riz's. tsktsk. The height is just nice for Riz but 2 year olds don't roleplay! come on China. you can do better...

So basically, the kitchen isnt bad at all despite it's counter top height.

It has these cute ladle hangers and a clock to time your cake baking in the oven..

A sink with removable basin which can be filled with water for some more realistic roleplaying, and a realistic stove. the handles turn for real, and i like those grey er...things you put ur pots on. hehe

The oven is realistic too. see that?

It also comes with a tomato and a prawn (looks like a carrot but with a tail), a wooden knife, 2 plates, salt and pepper. In miniature sizes, of course.

Here's Riz washing vegetables and Tia baking a cake. hehe.

What frustrating is that....when I'm looking all over for a kitchen, no shops seem to be having a promo. sampai je kitchen ni....Mothercare gives 50% off for 2 types of Melissa and Dougs kitchen. and Ikea's having a sale. oh fish!:(

Hubby said " I told you not to get it"

So the kitchen is 1 week  old, and I think I want to sell it off. it's tiny for me, but then I am particular. might not be tiny for you. it stands at 67cm tall, 45cm long. any takers? just RM200 and I will reuse the money for a Buggy Board  because duh, the kids need that more. then save up for a bigger kitchen. it doesnt need to be dismantled again because its cute enough to fit into a sedan car. so let me know in the comments if anyone's interested ok...:D

Hugs, Sabby

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