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An Economical Birthday Party (Throwback Post)

Oh how come time flies so fast?
It seems like just yesterday I delivered Tia, and saw her for the first time sleeping peacefully next to me all drugged up (post-general anaesthesia hehe) and I still remember how Riz looked like crying on my chest fresh out from my tummy, blood and all.

Both my kids will be celebrating their 4 years and 2 years old birthdays respectively next month. It seems that year by year my savings just deplete off, making it impossible to throw a proper party for them. I really want to celebrate my kids. I want nice pictures taken as memories- nice cake, happy faces. because this kinda memory, is something that they will tell their kids. I mean, i remembered how my birthdays were celebrated. i don't remember the presents, but i remember the way it was celebrated. I was mad at hubster earlier because he said, you get tia a dollhouse, i'll get riz a car and we're done. oh, that is how you appreciate a person and the mother who almost died giving birth? i mean, really. i'll do it myself if i have to because my children, they're worth celebrating and they deserve this kind of memory...:(

Last year I think, I've exhausted all my DIY skills and have gone as economical as i can to celebrate Tia and Riz in which I would describe, an intimate but special and fancy birthday picnic. Invited guests are family and closest friends. The little picnic party was held at Kepong Metropolitan Park or more known as Taman Layang-layang Kepong. It has this really big field where people fly kites and kids play bubbles! I imagined the pictures to have a lot of green. undeniably there'll be a lot of miscellaneous people in the background but its ok. I spent 3 solid late nights DIYing doorgifts, tutus and printables.

It was meant to be part of a tutu shoot, so i offered my friends if they would like me to make a tutu for their kids to wear, they only pay for the cost of supplies. its optional, but all agreed to turn it into a tutu party! I made at least 10 fluffy tutus for the party. The theme wasn't very clear but somewhere along the lines of tutus and bubbles party. hehe.

The park was huge, and there were so many vendors selling a lot of fun stuff. from food up to picnic mats, bubble guns, giant bubbles. Hubby bought a few tubs of bubble solution from the Giant Bubble Putrajaya stall and gave each kid a bubble wand. they spent the entire time blowing and catching bubbles while eating. had no idea this could actually keep them busy! parents can eat while watching, and we can snap beautiful pics of the girls in was perfect. 

Party Favors

I have a cloudy memory on this since it was a year could i not blog about this? lol. Basically my principle is to not put anything sweet in the party favors bag. I usually put a kind of activity and maybe some small toys. That time around there were transparent plastic bags on which i stuck on a "thank you" printable, and in it was..
1. Edible Jellybean Necklace
The topper printable was printed on card stock as well as the lady pic. I found this gorgeous princess necklace card printable on the Five Marigolds blog. I bought jellybeans from Candylicious in KLCC because they have this gorgeous shiny glittery effect, and i strung them on with floss. as in, Oral B teeth floss. hehe. hey, better than thread. they're hygienic. in between a few jellybeans i tied ribbons.

2. Pasta Beading Activity
I don't have a pic of this but basically I bought a few packets of pasta and food colouring, and asked hubster to bring back a bottle of alcohol. I dyed them in a few colours, and packed them in individual packets with a long yarn thread. so that the lil kids can do beading activity:D something like this:
Pic courtesy of

3. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles (for boys)
These are bought in my recent (then) trip to Denmark. geez i must be too busy preparing to forgot documenting in pics:( they are pretty little wooden jigsaws perfect for party favors and easy enough to solve by younger kids! ish

4.  Pompom wand (for girls)
This was just made as a souvenir, a pompom and strings of ribbons glued on a dowel stick. but the girls love it! so cute seeing them running around with these wands and their tutus.

Party Food
I kinda love this one. you know how no one actually has the time to feed themselves when they go to 1-3yo birthday parties because they are busy chasing after their toddlers? I decided to prepack the food. The party was held at 4.30pm so it was tea time. My BFF managed this one cuz her mom has this catering service, My Mom's Recipes.
Rainbow roti jala (yes rainbow! cuz i'm Malaysian like that), kek sarawak (rainbow also of course), star sandwiches, and fried pasta. I think it's a pretty good fix for tea time. children friendly and also adult friendly. if you cant finish it at the venue, bring it home and eat on your way back. so everybody gets to eat.

Birthday Cake
Buttercream rainbow cake my Hanim's Cake. She has a shop in Batu Caves which was just near to us at that time. her cake was nice and affordable and so pretty!

Set up
Basically, everything for this party was planned as such that if anything happens, everything can be relocated easy breezy. one reason being its been held in a park, and it's november and its monsoon season. bahaya wo. true enough it rained and rained since morning up til 2 hrs before. I was crazy panicky. but God was on my side, and it stopped raining just in time. it was a bit muddy, but not too humid to play. we relocated to a nice non grassy patch. set up a small table brought by Ina and some picnic mats and distribute the foods. My kind friend Sally brought a bubble machine. Alhamdulillah for such nice friends. Sang Happy birthday and sambung main.

Here are some of the pics from last year's birthday. great. a post a year late. better late than never!

Both in mommy made birthday crowns. (oh and they are available on

The simple table set up. I should actually get a tablecloth...tsk
Tia amused by the bubble machine
Cake banner made by moi again
Bubble wands for everyone!

Party supplies...and thats it:D

Simple party set up. kalau hujan angkut semua and lari!

So that was an economical party. I was so worried everybody didn't enjoy themselves especially when i whatsapped them asking if we should relocate relocatee. sigh i was a bad host...again I couldn't have done it all by myself if it weren't for my friends- Ina for the table and the mats (cuz i totally forgot T____T) , Sally for bubble machine,  Azreen for the pics and helping to transport the party lucky to have them. big big thank you! oh and my husband of course, for agreeing to all. haha. because a single brain could not possibly conjure up an entire party, baby. I really hope they enjoyed themselves.

This year, i am planning on a Mermaid and Sharks party. I have no idea how this is going to go with the haze and all but we'll see. wish me luck yeah?


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