Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fleece blankets - The Spotlight Ampang Haul

When you live near a Spotlight outlet..try to walk in only when necessary. Spotlight Ampang has so many assortment of fabric always on clearance. everytime i walk into the store..argh there would be something that will bug me-"take me to the!". even the boy cashier now recognizes me!*malu*

Last trip, i got these ammaaazing fleece blankets. before this i always wonder how to use these thick insulated kinda cloth in this kind of climate? but that day i just decided to try because the Hello Kitty prints was just too cute. and then i found a blue robot one.perfecttt.

For toddler beds like these, i only got 1m of each. at that time it was on 50% discount, rm25 a meter. There are some nicer tempting ones as well - Star Wars print at RM55+ a meter so i resisted myself from getting that. All I did was put the fabric through the serger cuz i was lazy. supposed to hem up all sides.

Tia likes her blanket tucked in hotel style.n riz who didn't like blankets now requests for "robot" before he sleeps. they're so soft! maybe a minky fabric would be softer but u still have to sew a few layers. leceh. in an aircon room these blankets are great.

haha saja promote Spotlight. just because, if ure a fabric stasher like'll go crazy and the clearence sale can help u like, alot.hehe. not shop for fabric there if you're in a hurry because the staff cuts really slow. like...reeeeally.....slooooow..can practically here the snip........snip......snip while u tap your foot thinking about your kids troubling your mom at home. Do not expect those Kamdar style snips. zasss nah, 2m. and if you need to enquire on a certain item price, don't bother calling in because the staff doesn't really have all the available items and the functions of each on their fingertips. do drop by and check out for yourself:) even so, once upon a time i bought this beautiful fabric from Spotlight Ikano for RM15 a meter and went to get some more in ampang because it was unbelievably cheap, obviously..and the staff told me "uhh.....this fabric has NEVER gone down from RM50 a meter even if its on sale!" yup, not all is bad...sometimes you do get lucky:P 

ok toodles!

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