Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sponsored Post :Launch of the New Magnum White Almond Ice Cream – Magnum Sensation in White Party

This invention of an ice cream has so far never failed to tempt me and my tastebuds. bye bye diet! For those who don't know, Magnum is widely known as the first handheld ice cream that boasts pure luxury and pleasure in every bite, made only by the finest ingredients. My husband always has our fridge stocked up with this particular brand in many flavours and sizes. And we will usually 'romantically' indulge in this dessert late at night while watching tv, appreciating the silence as our kids are fast asleep...........*insert dreamy face here* or, used to bribe the kids when we need them to behave. haha. anyways...

Star of the night
Magnum has launched yet another flavour specially for white chocolate lovers like me out there- Magnum White Almond. Its remarkable arrival in Malaysia is celebrated with a truly exclusive and premium party held in the grand ballroom of Hilton Hotel, KL. Everyone was all dressed chic and classy in white. I was super honoured to be invited to this wonderful Sensation in White Party, thanks to Nuffnang! you made me such a happy lady:) 

The New Magnum White Almond is all about extravagance- a rich white chocolate coat topped with crunchy almond slices over smooth vanilla ice cream. It exudes the air of class, elegance and pure white indulgence and ultimate pleasure. I am a big fan of white chocolate and trust me, having one of these ice cream makes you want another. Sweet, rich and fulfilling. unbiased!
This is THE star of the night. and check out my pretty Magnum White manicure;)
Thats the Magnum White Almond with its thick layer of cracking Belgian White Chocolate with toasted almond pieces enveloping a smooth and creamy Vanilla ice cream.   My kinda premium ice cream. Made with good quality Belgium chocolate, it brings Belgium closer to home;)

The party started off with the beautiful Stephanie Chai delivering her welcome remarks, followed by a speech by the Chairman of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd, Mr Rakesh Mohan. He then officiated the launch.
"The newest addition to our pleasures guarantees a taste to remember"-Mr Rakesh Mohan.

A pair of aerial dancers danced gracefully in the air. The impressive performance of elegant motions signifies the spectacular revelation of the New Magnum White Almond. I instantly recognised one of the dancers who is none other than my aerial sifu, Miko from Viva Vertical. Oh how i missed dancing on the silks! 

The Sensation in White Party has 3 experiential corners which provided its guests an ultimate premium experience and symbolises the finest indulgence that life has to offer. 

The Dining and Culinary Corner showcased a spread of White Decadent.

The Beauty Corner offers white manicure and temporary white tattoo. I like this corner the best! hehe. 

The White Almond Corner filled its guests with none other that pure pleasure and indulgence. I have never seen so many Magnum Ice cream in front of my eyes til I  came to this party.hehe. and its free flow for guests too. oh my yumm.

The party was then brought to life by DJ Joey G when he started showing of his turntable skills. Countless white balloons rained from the ceiling and scattered all over the floor at our feet! 

It was a fun night. I enjoyed the served canapes that made up my dinner while mingling around and getting to know other bloggers and also taking pictures with the celebrities.

Aand also what is a party without doorgifts <3 We got a boxful of Magnum White to stock up our fridge which I'm pretty sure will last only a few days and also this cute little mini magnum usb drive. gonna fill this up with embroidery patterns yeay! (back to lil ol crafty mommy me. hehe)

So would you like to have a taste as well?

You can now get the NEW Magnum White Almond from all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts. Its an affordable luxury at RM4.50 for a single stick or RM13.50 for a multipack of 3. 

For more information on this luxurious white indulgence, you can log on to Magnum's Facebook Page at or

Last but not least, thank you so much, Magnum, Unilever Sdn Bhd and Nuffnang for having me at this luxurious Magnum Sensation in White Party:)

Yours truly. signing off!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Magnum and Nuffnang.

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