Saturday, October 3, 2015

When Will Tia Get A Haircut?

Like, not yet laa.

This morning i combed tia's hair and realized one thing. i've always known her hair is super long now, and my parents make sure that i notice that ("panjang sangat ni. gi potongggg. sikit je!") but it has reached her waist! wow. goal reached i guess, my hair never reached that kinda length and when i was small ive always envied long haired kids. hehe

I know i will hav to chop it off or trim it one day but i just cant do it! i am soo attached to her hair haha. look at that..cantek okay. long, silky n smooth.  perhaps i should prepare myself mentally first. it will take time...n i shall take my time hehehe. wont let the hair reach the bum though. that would look unkempt for real. but perhaps this is the length that we should maintain:)

-not yet 4, just helping mommy model a birthday tiara. hehe.3 years 11 months now. going on 4 next month!

Anyways, how's everyone doing on a hazy day like this? i have kinda ran out of indoor activities. i havent been sending tia to school as well because the kids were made to wait for parents pickup outdoors and the school isnt entirely behind closed doors. i think everyone's boredd. and i feel bad, of course. hehe. ok, til later! hugss

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