Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween Party 2015 at Kizsports and Gym Great Eastern Mall

An overdued post again....

I finally registered Tia for one of the Halloween Party held this year. I've always seen kids lined up all dressed up in costumes during the Halloween season in the previous years and thought they were so cute, but then she was still too small to participate. This year we decided to join the party held in Kizsports and Gym Great Eastern Mall. One of the reasons also being me finding just another reason to make a nice tutu dress as one of Sabbytia's portfolio. hehe. Main reason though - Tia's been going on and on about " I wanna be a witch" since the Halloween youtube videos came out.

I had a lot of fun making this dress for her. I made it out of a black crochet headband top and a combination of black-glitter black-purple tulle strips in many layers. For decency, I covered the whole front of the dress with fabric flowers which I heat sealed for a scary rustic look and a couple of felt Jack o Lanterns to match her Jack o Lantern trick or treat bucket. I wanted to make the broom myself out of tulle but ran out of time so i grabbed one from Spotlight Ampang. Witch's Hat from Toys R Us. Had trouble finding stripey leggings but i found a pair of stongan on sale at mr DIY for 3bucks so i made her wear it as legwarmers hehe. I also applied my mom's dark purple lipstick on her for a more evil kinda look. and that's about it!

Riz could not participate in games independently yet so I didn't registered him in. The fee for the party was RM68 per kid so it would be quite a waste. But advantage of having a big sister is, he gets to tag along and play in the playground while the party was happening. I dressed him up in a formal shirt and pants and sarungkan the lab coat I made last 2 years for tia. he looks like an adorable Dr Riz! or Pharmacist Riz, cuz I didn't have time to handmade a felt stethoscope for him. we only have a pink Doc Mcstuffin's one at home.

my cute little doc!

The Halloween Party was indeed a happening one. Started off with a runaway strut by the kids, modelling their costumes. Very impressive ones actually. with face paint and all! There was a super cute 1.5yo Disgust who strutted with her mommy who dressed up as Joy from Inside Out. I think I will dress up next year hahaa. there were a couple of witches, some Mavis' from Hotel Transylvania, Ghost bride, Mummies, Batmans. I didn't know they are supposed to model their outfits, did not prepare tia, and she walked on the stage and right off with a blur expression! oh well. 

that's Tia- basically walked off the stage! lol

The kids were then ushered into the dance studio for some halloween discooo. they were given those handheld blinking LED foam stick to wave in the air like you don't care! haha...it was indeed a sight in that studio...like real clubbing but they're all kids. lol. they were jumping about to the sound. so cute.

After dance, was treasure hunt. find coins and exchange for treats. And then comes trick or treating from one shop to another on the same level as the gym. Here the parents are the most excited, even more than the kids!

Treasure hunting around the gym with daddy!

Trick or treatin' from shop to shop

While baby brother amused himself with the surrounding

They came back to the gym each with a bagfull of treats for prize giving. Tia won a consolation price for her costume! good enough good enough:D she got to take home plushy minion. hehe. boleh laa. then they handed out party favors which are cupcake, and some sweets in a box and we go home.
Yeay I won a prize!

Twas a good experience in the end. maybe next year should join more than one because it was fun! other venues are like The Little Gym, Bangsar Village, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jungle Gym...practically everywhere. other schoold do have some kind of a halloween dress up day but Tia's school doesn't have such a thing because apparently they don't want to scare the kids. at least have a show and tell dress up day or something but nada...xpe2. haha.

Riz drinking water from the syringe he was carrying around his pocket :D

Til next Halloween!

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