Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tiana Jezmine is 4 years old

Just like that, our little angel Tiana Jezmine is 4 years old!
A true god-sent angel she is.. bouncy, adorable, smart in her own way, the most beautiful being to both of us.

Her true personalities are slowly coming out, and i'm sure in a blink of an eye she'll start trying to find the person she really is. and God's willing, i am always here to guide her through.

My darling Tia, 

Perhaps one day you'll read this and i may or may not be around then:) I am glad i have this blog to show you how much you are loved. I will never forget the first time I laid my eyes on you, a little bundle in green blanket sleeping peacefully next to me, freshly out of my tummy. I'll never forget how your commando crawls which you did for a very long time, your chubby soft skin, your hair. oh your hair was the cutest of all and everyone thinks so too. Now it's waist length and I've never cut it because it's too pretty. I'll never forget how impressed i was when you first recognised your colours, sorting your playdoh buckets correctly when i call the colours. or when you were singing ABCs over and over again. 

You love roleplaying. Pretending to be everything you can every single day in your own little world. I love seeing you play with your little ELC Happyland Toys. It reminded me of myself and how I loved doing that when i was little. Although you may be a little bit more louder than me! its alright, means that you're so into character. hehe

I know you've been eyeing my makeup. I don't really do full makeup, just eyeliner, eyebrow liner and lipstick. but you watched, and one day when I was not around, experimented on your own. I wish opah had taken that video of you cuz it would've been so precious! All you wanted was to be like me and mommy is so honoured. I let you wear lipstick for the first time to your Halloween party. and the look on your face...was priceless although it was dark purple to match your witch outfit. I never let you wear make up because...it will remind me of how fast you're growing up. so i got u a set of face painting crayons so you could experiment on your own:)

You are brilliant at arts. you love painting, you keep on asking me everyday to let you paint. Mommy bought batik painting kits, canvas painting kits, and even an empty art block. I printed out colouring pages and file them so you could colour and you loved them. you will spend hours painting happily until your project is complete. And you are so good at sewing! I love watching you concentrate on sewing those sewing cards i printed.

Sometimes I see you practice moves from your ballet class. not those tippy toes and twirls...but those hand movements. You love wearing your ballet attire and the tutus I made. you just started gymnastic a few weeks ago, and perhaps don't love it as much as ballet. You LOVE to sing. and I'm sure if given the chance you will sing the entire day.

Independent. I admire how you don't rely on friends at the playground. I know that through a time of your life, it is important to have friends. but I also want you to know that it's okay not to be too dependant on your friends. because while some will stick by you, some will hurt you as you go along with life. it's okay to befriend as many friends as you want, but do not be too close. instead, come home to your family and depend on us. because we will never leave you.

Love. You loved your little brother. And he adores you so much. Right now, both of you are pretty inseparable. I try to let you guys do everything together, from sleeping, bathing, eating, playing and sharing a room while you are still little so that you depend on one another. you two rarely fight, and i thank god for that! I don't know if this will work when both of you are married in the future, but i really hope that even though you have your own families, you will always do activities together and not drift apart.

We've seen all sort of amazingness these past 4 years and looking forward to keep on watching you grow. We love you so much little princess!

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