Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tia's Birthday Celebration at Kindicare Ampang and a little review.


Ain't that a pretty cake:) I ordered this cake in conjunction to Tia's birthday and farewell on her last day of school - I admit that we pulled her out at not a good time, which was end of October. For personal reasons really. We're moving houses, amongst one of the many reasons. 

Kindicare Play and Preschool of Ukay Heights Ampang has this birthday and swimming bash on the last week of each month. Considering that it was Tia's last day in October, and her birthday is only the following monday after that particular friday, I was allowed to bring in a cake to join in the birthday bash held for kids whom birthdays are in October. 

On one condition though- bring a 2kg cake, otherwise just celebrate in their own class. alright, fair enough. so I brought this pretty cake up to the class, and only managed to take this pic of her because the classroom was oh so crowded. I kindly brought some party favors to the 'party' (only because other parents have done so) - 2 little puding jellies, a silly pencil, bubblemix and jigsaw puzzles in a bag for each of her classmates. I made a pretty tshirt with number '4' and a little pony for her to wear so we can take pics of her in it but the teacher has already changed her into her swimsuit. so what happens when i post this pic online? how many perverts are going to steal that photo? hence I could only carefully take her pic from above so that her face is hidden like so:

Memories are still important, smiley face or hidden face.

When I picked her up from school, headmistress handed me a plastic bagful of jelly. "Sorry, we're not allowed to give these to the kids! they might choke on them.." yes, she did took the trouble to open the bags one by one and extract the jellies to return to me, can you imagine how I felt? of course the kids will need help opening the jellies. of course it's up to the parents to throw away or to help them eat.

They had a photographer on that day, and yesterday, event pictures were published. This school has a password protected photo page only parents can view. to my disappointment, there was a birthday bash on that day. THREE kids cutting a 2kg cake. wait, I thought each kid has to bring a 2kg cake? best part is, Tia was sitting in the audience witnessing the celebration. with her pretty birthday top and her birthday cake probably sitting somewhere in the school kitchen.

I was disappointed on how inflexible this school is, and how particular they are with money. perhaps I am not dressed up nicely when i send her to school everyday, looking like a maid? or do i look to immature compared to the other parents who were on the way to work or send their dato datin parents to send their grandkids to school, that I have been treated differently?

Since we don't have anything to do with the school anymore, I decided to send a whatsapp to enquire regarding this issue. a snapshot from the headmistress:

#1  Tia's birthday is only two days away and I did asked if we can just come and bring a cake on monday which is her actual birthday and she said no, better stick to birthday bash. note: i did not ask to come to school to LEARN, but only to celebrate the birthday of a 4 year old. Don't you have a heart to consider?

#2  in the pictures, 3 kids were sharing a 2kg cake. Tia dia suruh bawak 2kg cake sorang2 baru boleh join. plus, since they extracted all the jelly from my nicely wrapped favor bags, why don't you bake healthy little muffins for the rest of the kids? I feel it's really up to the parents and in fact, each parent should bring a 1kg cake. total up kan cukup untuk 1 sekolah? why discriminate?

We're still looking for a new school for Tia, but in Danaukota/Setapak. One thing to consider about sending to a private or international school is this la. it's always about every cent you spend. and it's never about how worth it your cents are. This school does take care of Tia properly, I have to admit and I love that about them. but they are so berkira ya rabbi, from my opinion la. Experience like this actually wakes me up in choosing schools for Tia. perhaps she is better off in an Islamic based school, one with people from the middle class range just like ourselves. Haritu I thought the more I pay, the more they will ensure your child will be taken care of properly. Can't help but to think that I wont be treated like this if i'm still working because my appearance would not be as selekeh. my loss, perhaps. Still don't have the heart to go back to work though because I am now too attached to the kids and I cant imagine how they can handle their lives without mommy everyday.


  1. hi, sabby,

    i dont have kids... not even married but i'm sad upon reading this, and poor tia..
    hopefully she had a happy birthday anyway... and wish you and your family all the best!

    1. Thank you cacah. yeah haha poor us! hopefully the next school won't discriminate like this ehh

  2. Oh wow, I get so angry when I read things like this. Schools and kindys should ultimately do what is best for the kids. It's a birthday bash, don't they have the heart to practice some tolerance and flexibility so that Tia can join in... What's another extra child lah?? *sigh* Anyway, hope Tia still had a good birthday at home with her loved ones.


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