Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Countdown from Riz's Hospital Bed

Another year has gone. 2015 went by really fast i have to think and recollect about the achievements throughout the year. Lets see:

1. I've been crafting tutus the entire year and alhamdulillah, very blessed with the love i've been given through this business. 

2. Tia's first year of school..n i pulled her out all in a span of one year haha

3. our house is in planning n renovation..for almost the entire year. lol that doesnt sound very productive.

And everything else is nothing out of ordinary. until a few days ago..riz started tummy cramps, followed by a whole week of fever..and here we are on New Years Eve:

At the hospital.
Bacterial enteritis is the diagnosis so far, with ongoing investigations. he was started on 2 kinds of antibiotics and i guess we'll b here for at least 5 days.  tonight, all the four of us are spending the night at the hospital, counting down to the new year.

As I watched the fireworks of KLCC and KL tower from riz's hospital bed, with Riz sleeping on my chest, and tia snoozing on the extra bed next to my husband..i feel blessed, somewhat..this is as good as it gets. despite this test that we're going through- at least we're here together as a family. nobody's oncall, and nobody gets left behind at home. that's all it matters doesnt it? look at that beautiful view from this ward. and with a rocky start of 2016...hopefully the rest of the year will take it easy on us..hopefully. (although isnt it supposed to b the other way round?) trying to be positive here!

My resolutions this year:
1. to be a better person, in and out, and to take care of my family better. i wish to cook more for the husband n kids so nobdy will get bacteria enteritis again T_T  i want to be nicer to my parents, nicer to my kids..

2. to improve on Sabbytia.
i've had copycats, but i'm convincing myself that it's good thing cuz it probably means that person is inspire by me.haha. but on a serious note, i want to create more stuff, keep on improvising so nbody can catch up, n i wish to expand a lil bit, depending on my ability n time.

3. i want to be fit again. this year, i want to at least try join some classes like yoga, pilates or zumba. 

4. move house.we WILL move this year.

cant think of anything anymore for now. but lets go along 2016 and see what it has in store for us.

Til then..syafakallah, my baby boy. i miss the cheeky naughty riz heart breaks looking at that iv line stuck onto his hand and his messed up looks.

cheers everyone and Happy New Year!

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