Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On Baby Harnesses and Reins: yeay or nay?

Yay for me!

Kids harnesses have always been controversial here in Malaysia. when you hold a leash attached to your child's backpack when out and about with an active child you might just get stares and comments like "why is she pulling on her child like a dog"?

Riz is the kind of toddler who would just dash away from us when he wants to. once, the elevator doors open at the wrong floor and he almost ran out! caught him by the collar. sigh. and he will also wander off oblivious to whether mommy and daddy are far away or not. he won't let us hold his hand. So you see? perfect candidate for a harness kan? I don't really care what others think, but my instincts tell me to BUY THAT HARNESS.asap. ditto. I am not going to regret losing my child one day and regretting not putting him on harness. and look at all the kidnapping cases now! they can even grab a child in front of your own eyes or while you are holding their hand. sigh scary. 

So off I went googling and browsing for reviews and oh my goodness these harnesses are not cheap at all. we are not talking RM30-50 but cheapest is RM59.90. tu pun, buy online plus postage...RM60+ in the end. I like the disguised harness kinds, not the ones which looks well, exactly like it on a child like this:

source: Amazon

Since there wasn't much difference buying online and in store, I got this cute lion Bumble Bee 2-in-1 Friendly Harness. RM74.10 from Mothercare and I got a 10% discount for being a member. It's like a soft toy, super soft. a little pocket at the back which can't store anything really, i usually just stuck in a pacifier in there.

source: www.mybbstop.com
And then I saw the Hugger Bag harness! this one is in a shape of an actual back pack, with a chest clip, with a detachable harness. more macho looking this one, and we can put more stuff in. More expensive, RM80+ each. waterproof material. I got it from Sprouts, The School, Jaya One. i put in a few of his Thomas train minis and a couple of other small toys so he could play with them when we eat at the restaurant. it can also fit 1 diaper and a mini pack of wipes. There would still be more space, but too heavy for him to carry.

So far, I like the Hugger bag one better because of how it looks. I feel terribly insecured when he's walking by himself without that on. when I go out with both kids, I have to put a harness on him.   Heck if I could, I would by a wrist harness for Tia so I wont lose both kids. i may sound clingy but hello, ingat senang ke nak beranak? excuse the possesiveness hehe.


Yes, you will get stares. but what you have to embed in your mind is "this is my child, if she/he gets kidnapped...i will be crying. not you". so, ignore the stares. however, to be honest, i do get stares but not the unkind ones. i guess malaysians are more open towards these harnesses since all those kidnapping cases are in the news. 

Still conscious about stares? ask your child if he/she would hold your hand. say it loudly while at that so people know. hehe.  I always go "okay Riz! lets hold hands!" sometimes he would follow and hold my hand, but i still hold on to the harness in case he decided to instantaneously run off. holding hands together with the harness would definitely not look like you're trying to pull a dog on its leash.

One tip though, I think we're not supposed to tug on the rein when the child runs off because they'll trip and bounce backwards. kesian! i'll usually try to follow when riz runs off. what's important is that you're still attached to your kid despite him running away. tugging definitely looks like you're trying to pull on a horse or a dog on its leash.hehe

So far I am comfortable using this method to ensure the safety of my child when out and about. if i can, i would buy tia some wrist links so i wont be worried about missing her too. selalunye kejar adik, takut sangat kakak tertinggal and dia pulak hilang. try it, i think it really takes off a couple of loads of that burden of being a paranoid mommy. hehe

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  1. Agree 100%. If it is the parent's choice to put their kids in a baby harness, who are we to judge?


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