Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Riz Johann Turns TWO

My baby boy turned 2 the other day. 2 years old! it's funny how you look at your youngest kid- your memory kind of stops at 6 month old, chubby, soft skin, with curious looking eyes, just managed to sit on his own, trying hard to crawl. i see my 2 year old that way. 

Since my husband and I agreed that it will just be Tia and Riz, i seem to cherish every bit of his milestones even more. he is talking so much more nowadays-one word becomes two, then three. before you know it he is already doing sentences like "mommy, i want water, please!","see, Yish (Riz) do!" well admittedly this is a convinient milestone and makes our life much better but oh where did my baby go?:(

Riz loves his Duplos. each child is different because tia at his age would just toss the legos around not knowing what to do with them. this boy could actually sit for a whole 15mins just building and stacking up those cubes and building trucks. he will ways come and find me to show his masterpiece. most of the time it will be "ice cream truck", bus, or robot. oh once there was "bus..wear..hat. hehe

Riz needs to cuddle me or his daddy when falling asleep for naps or bedtime. gone all the sleep training but we both love it. He will put his favourite baby pillow on my chest or his daddy's, lie back and pull up his favourite fleece blanket to cover both of us, and fall asleep that way.

He's grape crazy. nowadays when he's hungry he would walk up to the fridge and ask for "gwaype!pls!" so we really have to stock up the fridge with grapes at all time. he can finish half a bunch at a time if we're not careful!

He loves to rempit on his ride on car. well, it's actually his sister's princess ride on car, but he speeds through our hallway by paddling both his chubby feet across the floor.sometimes he tries to do stunts like lie back on the seat or tries to stand on the seat. tsktsk boys be boys! most of the time he will drag his own ride on, which was a Thomas train rideon...and ask mommy daddy to race him using that. so we had to squeeze in the little seat. our poor crotches! haha.

He knows his ABCs to Z and 123. quite fluent, in fact. we will go to a signage and randomly ask what letter or number this is and he will enthusiastically shout the letters out. now we are amazed with this skill because....the ipad thought him. lol...good or bad? hahaha. (i secretly patted myself on my back for eating all those salmon sashimi every week throughout my pregnancy although many would not. its a craving ok! oh all those DHAs and omegas he got. yeah right. coincidental kot. breaking rules which ended up SAFE always always feels good, ok).

Independence - Given a chance, he could finish a meal on his own, drink from a cup on his own, wear his own crocs shoes. now this is nasib anak takde maid. it's good, in a way.

He still doesnt like messiness. yup, still the same since his 1yo cake smash session, refusing to touch the cake! whenever i let him do painting he will never ever touch the paint. he will use the brush. kakak will just go to town using both hands doing handprints everywhere.

Riz is such a happy baby we see so many smiles in pictures..i am so glad to be part of this happiness. blessed blessed! Alhamdulillah.

There's just so many other qualities that we are proud of Riz like every parents are proud of their own children. I don't really post much about him, not because pilih kasih. daddy radzli and 1 are actually enjoying him all on our own and we like it that way. he's our gem, and we pray for many many good things upon him. we pray that Allah lends him to us for as long as possible, til our last breath, and bless him with the best of health and rezeki as long as he lives. amin amin!

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