Saturday, December 19, 2015

Riz Johann's First Haircut!

I finally brought Riz for his first haircut!

His hair is at an awkward length and although we thought we could keep it longer just to see if the 'home alone' hair works on him.. I don't know, I was just itching to see him with a different look!

Riz doesn't have as much hair as his sister, but the softness..fuh..i usually compare it to shea's fur. mind you, our siberian cat's fur is the softest thing in the whole world hehe.

That day, I brought my mom to a vegetarian lunch  and went to the hairdressing salon that she frequents to in ampang. The aunties think riz is adorable. Unty Doris swung him up into a chair and put on the layers of bibs you need for haircut.

He was so well behaved the entire time...and he giggled when the aunty shave-trimmed the back of his head. must've been ticklish, but it was the cutest thing!

 Mid way he was starting to get a bit jittery so I handed him a paci.

Tadaa!Macho tak?

Daddy said - oh noooo whyy did you cut his hair? he's not cute anymoree..he's macho!
haha. daddy is in denial..son not really a baby anymore (sigh..count mommy in!)

Wants to sit on mommy while mommy had her hair trim. He wasn't happy with all my hair that falls on the floor. awww.

Auntie Doris also taught me how to style riz's hair using the hair gel. i have no idea how! now i know. hehe

I love his new look. he looks very clean and neat...and i love touching the back of the shaven part of his hair. heck even i like to do that to the daddy too everytime he's back from a haircut:)

That's all for todayyyy~

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