Monday, January 25, 2016

In Loving Memory..


I've been slacking on blogging this month because it has been an eventful January. It has been a monthful of sickness and death for us. Riz was warded exactly on New Year's Eve and we were in the hospital for the entire 7 days.

He was discharged, and we hardly had the chance to celebrate when more bad news landed on us - My father in law passed away the following week. He was 59 years old. It was a sudden one; he blacked out- fell, hit the back of his head and went into stroke with an intracranial bleed. He apparently had some kind of infection in his lungs as well, but he was independent til the end. I remember the last time we saw him- he and my mother in law came all the way from PD to visit Riz in the hospital. 

I've been with my husband since we were 18 years old, so I knew my father in law since then. I remember him to be bubbly and friendly, generous, gentle..a very nice guy from my point of view. He was a doctor, just like my husband. I think he is quite known to the Port Dickson community because he was one of the earliest doctor to open up a clinic there. Shortly after we got married, he had a stroke. One which changed his characteristics, his speech. It's like an imposter has taken over his body and we just could not identify the new him. He still does his routine job, and people still respected him. However, I guess I can speak for the family that we all miss the old him. 

Atok Zahar loved both Tia and Riz very much, and whenever we go back to PD he will stroke their heads and gave them many many kisses. he called them both sayang, quite a lot. not many words spoken, not many questions asked...just repeatedly calling them 'sayang'. Riz takes a lot of his features. A lot of people say Tia reminds them of Atok KL and Riz looks like his Atok PD. We are thankful that we are able to remember him everytime we look at Riz. some characteristics may be the same too. I think he loves Riz the most. My MIL always tell us about how he would ask to see Riz's photo everyday, even in his final days. He was worried that Riz still hadn't got his appetite back after being discharged; he cared. That was my biggest regret, that we couldn't bring the kids over as often to see him. 

Al Fatihah to our Arwah Papa, we pray that he will be placed among the pious by Allah SWT. May his soul be blessed, and have mercy for, and all his kind deeds and sedekah be recognized by Him.
In loving memory, Dr Zaharudin Zainal. Loving papa and atok, 1957-2016.

Among all things, 1 week after the death, my good friend lost her husband to cancer. I feel for her, having 2 kids. She lost her husband at a critical time, and as much as I need my husband, I am sure she does as well...I pray that Allah grants her the strongest of strength to face life.

I believe that each event in our lives has a reason, and is always a reminder and a guide for us to continue our lives. The month of January has taught all of us in the family to:

  1. Appreciate one another. See past the faults of your loved ones, and just be grateful to have each other. Make as much memories you can with the ones you love, be it in pictures or in experiences. because you will never know when they'll be taken away from you.
  2. Make time. no matter how busy you get, no matter how demanding you job or live is. Spend more time with your loved ones whenever you can. because family is irreplaceable. 
  3. Never take health for granted. It doesn't matter if supplements don't work, just try. eat healthy, and feed your children healthy foods. 
  4. Appreciate your kids. no matter how naughty they are, or how they test your patience. Let kids be kids, let them be active. but protect them whenever me, seeing them sick just brings all the guiltiness back at ya.
  5. Be grateful of what God has given to you. it doesn't matter if you are not well off, or you're deprived of your loved ones, you don't have the gift of time, or people are not sensitive enough towards your feelings. be grateful. because no matter how bad things are, of course there are people better and above you. but there are also people who are less fortunate. and these are the people you need to relate yourself to. and perhaps try to work hard to achieve the success of those above you.
That said, not all are sad in January. I promise the next post will be a happy one. hehe.
Til then,

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