Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Mommy, the Tutu Maker.

Tia: Mommy, when are u going to work?

Me: Oh mommy doesnt go to work anymore. mommy stays home to take care of u and Riz.

Tia:  But sometimes you go to the post office right? sometimes you make tutu skirts and ask atok opah to send it to people right? 

Ok so basically this little honey thinks Sabbytia is what I do for a living. hehe..i think as far as she can remember, mommy sews, make tutus and goes to post office besides being at home with both of them. i share everything about Sabbytia with her- i cut tulle in front of her, i photograph my products in front of her, i photograph her modelling my creations, she tags along when post my parcels, and when my namecards come in the post she is the first person i show them to. Riz pulak, he sits on my lap and helps me feed my fabric thru the sewing machine n press the option buttons for me:)

It does sound like a dream job for mommies. I enjoy doing this, no matter how high or low my sales are every month. It doesnt quite meet the demands of cost of living in malaysia nowadays but I love doing something which involves my family, and not obligated to sign my name underneath "saya yang menurut perintah" everyday. 

I am pretty sure she'll introduce her mommy as a tutu maker to her class one day. I really hope Allah will make this last longer for me because this is something i find happiness in doing.

Well I would tell her that I used to work as a pharmacist, but i have nothing to show her. oh unless, my job is a regular 9-5pm and i could do extemporaneous prep for an aesthetic clinic, i think i'd go back to work. that, i'm interested. hehe. but not seeing my kids for 8 hours a day or more, no matter how annoying both can get sometimes- i'm not sure if thats something i can handle that well.

Anyhow, It's really nice to have these little conversations with Tia nowadays. if i'm lucky, she'll say "you're my favourite mommy!"( but i'm ur only mommy right?)or "I love you very much mommy" and the rest of the day just seems to be better.


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