Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thomas Minis Blind Bags - Cheat codes!

If you have not seen these cute Thomas Minis blind bags, they are usually placed on the cashier countertops of Toys R Us. Riz loves anything with wheels on and these caught my eye because of course, Thomas train. hehe. And also, they're only RM7.90 each. every trip to Toys R Us, mommy will buy 2 packs. konon one for Tia and one for Riz. uwaa. hehe. for CNY though they're having a buy 3 free 1 promo for Star members. 
Each blind bag contains one 2 inch sized mini train. The thing about blind bags are you can't see what's inside and there's a chance that you might have bought 2 same trains. When I started buying these, I naturally tried my best to figure out which train's inside the bag. I touched, feel, held the bag against the light. but it really wasn't that easy ok, I still got 2 of the same trains.grr. The My Little Pony blind bags are not as blind. they have little windows on them so we could peek in to see which mini pony's inside. but this?? :')

Well all it took was a click away okay, because here's a cheat code in collecting these cute trains. just for you guys. haha! There is a CODE on each bag. you only needta know the last 2 numbers at the end of the code and, in order to know which train it is, whip out your mobile phone an follow this link:

This link would require you to click a few times to get the code number. anyhoo, this is a list i found in another link i can't remember which:

1. Classic Thomas
2. Spooky Percy
3. Metallic James
4. Racers Gordon
5. Classic Edward
6. Spooky Salty
7. Neon Toby
8. Classic Henry
9. Old School Diesel
10. Spooky Emily
11. Classic Dash
12. Classic Diesel 10
13. Chillin’ Paxton
14. Classic Stephen
15. Heroes (Super) Victor
16. Classic Scruff
17. Racers Bill
18. Classic Bert
19. Hero (Super) Thomas
20. Classic Percy
21. Dino James
22. Metallic Gordon
23. Metallic Edward
24. Classic Salty
25. Old School Spencer
26. Robot Toby
27. Classic Diesel
28. Neon Bash
29. Hero (Super) Hiro
30. Classic Millie
31. Robot Charlie
32. Classic Sidney
33. Dino Ben
34. Classic Skarloey
35. Old School Luke
36. Dino Gator
37. Classic Samson
38. Racers Thomas
39. Dino Percy
40. Classic James
41. Chillin’ Gordon 
42. Robot Edward
43. Old School Salty
44. Classic Spencer
45. Robot Henry
46. Hero (Super) Diesel
47. Classic Emily
48. Racing Dash
49. Classic Paxton
50. Dino Stephen
51. Classic Victor
52. Old School Scruff
53. Classic Bill
54. Neon Bert
55. Classic Luke
56. Spooky Porter
57. Thomas as Superman
58. Diesel 10 as the Joker
59. Millie as Harley Quinn
60. Spencer as Cyborg
61. Gold Thomas
62. Metallic Percy
63. Neon James 
64. Classic Gordon
65. Racing Spencer
66. Chillin Edward
67. Classic Toby
68. Neon Henry
69. Classic Bash
70. Spooky D10
71. Classic Hiro
72. Robot Milly
73.Classic Charlie
74. Chillin Sidney
75. Classic Ben
76. Chillin Skarloey
77. Classic Gator
78. Classic Porter
79. Hero Samson
80. Charlie as Riddler
81. Thomas as Batman
82. James as Flash
83. Percy as Robin

Ahaa now you can make my blog as your reference:P

Look at how tiny they are! and look at that Batman Thomas. cute gila T_T

There is also a special casing which you can buy from Toys R Us as well to store these tiny trains. It's a wheel shaped storage box which has a round railway at the back. Ours are from Walmart for $12.99, which I got my baby sister to bring back all the way from US, just to find out Toys R Us just brought it in right after we got our hands on ours. ishhh. here the wheel case is sold for RM50+ if I am not mistaken.

Riz enjoys hooking and lining up the trains. but after playing I make sure that all trains are stored back in the container so they wont get missing.We're still building our stash, we still have very few. Husband said it's a waste of money, well of course, same as all the other toys..but I digress! Riz will thank me when he's older k, I can feel it. heheehe.

So happy collecting boys mommies!


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