Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tiana's Swimming Class at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang

We actually started bringing Tia to the pool reallyy early in life. like 4 months old. back then we were really excited first time parents. u know, we went through the neck float phase and all (which was silly) but she started off pretty well, never had the fear for water. when we bathe her we'll pour water over her head and she can hold her breath too.

But things changed and Riz came along, we were busy with a new baby and moving back to ampang with no pool to go to. after a while Tia started to develop a fear for water. whilst Riz has this nature to jump into the water at any oppurtunity, Tia would cling to us and religiously trust her round floatie everytime she goes into the pool. if we attempt to take away her floatie or teach her to kick her legs she will cry.

Since she already turned 4 in November, i realized a lot of her friends can already swim and they dont even need classes. Well of course every child is different and I decided to start her on swimming classes because:

(1) to get rid of her fear, perhaps by doing it with a few kids she wont be as scared 
(2) safety, first and foremost
(3) it will b nice to see her independantly swimming at a young age because i did too (athough i started off in standard 1) hehe

Tia's school already has swimming every Friday but i just wanted to add in a few more days a week. since she started her extra lessons she keeps on asking to go everyday! so i guess she loves it, and i'm happy that she puts her heart in it and that i'm not pushing her.

I googled "swimming lessons for kids ampang" and found a few places. I send her to the one in Kelab Darul Ehsan.her teacher's name is En Jailani. fees are RM262 a month of 8 classes, so its twice a week. each class is an hour long. so in total with her school, she swims 3x a week and she's not complaining hahaha. i think she loves this more than ballet!

So far she attended 4 classes already and i have seen quite a lot of improvements. at the first class she has already learnt to go underwater and swim using the board. at the 4th class she can swim independently without a board as far as a meter or two. quite fast kan? the teacher follows her flow and gently pushes and motivates her from what i see. he is good and so far i like the way he teaches.

As for Riz, he loves copying his sister. monkey sees monkey do. i caught him dipping his face in the bathtub at one time and i panicked! this guy's a little bit too small for a structured swim class but if anybody knows any teachers around kl who would teach a 2year old please do let me know yeah! in the mean time now i have to watch them like a hawk everytime they bathe in a tub. hoho.

Other places around ampang which I have found includes Taman Melawati and that sports complex in kampung pandan. I dont really have details of each but a friend told me each class would cost around rm32-35.

I don't think swimming class is a waste of money at all considering it's for the sake of safety. but there are other things to consider as well, i send because i have the time. actually i dont really have the time but i try to meet my standards. i make time.  I think i would still send her to these classes even if I'm a working mom.

Will update about her progress in a few months time. hopefully she can swim by then! big dreams big dreams:)


  1. Hi Sabrina, did you contact KDE to arrange for the lessons or was it through D Swim Academy?


    1. Hi:) I contacted KDE straight..i thought they were under D Swim Academy but apparently theyre not..

  2. So did ur daughter manage to have a basic swim technique after the 8 class?


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