Monday, February 22, 2016

Riz Johann's Little Kickers trial class at Ampang Sports Planet

Last weekend we took Riz to his first baby soccer class. not under the influence of Ola Bola though- I really didn't know that there are such classes til recently I saw photos of my friend sending her kid. All the while I was wondering if its possible to teach 2-3 year olds with short attention spans to play soccer..but their cute little jerseys got me big time and plus there's a centre 3 minutes away from my mom's place so I decided to take Riz for a trial. We were actually trying to find some kind of class for Riz where he could socialize and would like to go beyond Gymboree and The Little Gym.

The Little Kickers baby soccer class is held at 4pm, Ampang Sports Planet. I was a bit sceptical about Riz's attention span because he is just 2 years 3 months. he might just run the other direction or have a tantrum right there. The sport centre was hot and he was sweating even before class started.

So class started and all the kids are divided into two groups - Little Kicks (2.5-3.5 year olds) and Junior Kicks (3.5-5 year olds). They started with circle time just like any other kids class. The older group looked like they are already playing in a match. Riz's group was taught the ABCs of soccer i think- to balance one foot on the ball,roll the ball underneath their foot and kick the ball into goals.

It was nice to see so many little boys around Riz doing what boys do best..I am not really into football but it was amusing to watch him join them and taught by the Little Kickers Coaches. they are patient and they teach "the guy style" sayang2 cuddle2 like mommy. which is good i think, because at home riz is always around kakak's pink stuff and dolls and mind you, I got slightly worried when he started choosing only the pink striped mami poko diapers, tried to wear his sister's glitter bangles and singing Let It Go at the top of his lungs (uwaaa)

Fees for Little Kickers are RM300 for 6 classes of which must be completed within 8 weeks. Another package would be RM550 for 12 classes. on top of that there is a RM120 registration fee which includes the ever adorable Little Kickers jersey (which i wanted by the way.hehe)

The trial class was nice and i enjoyed seeing him kick balls into goals. He does stray away as usual like any other 2 year olds..playing with the entrance of the futsal court, walked into the bigger kids' game, and making the goal posts as tents with his friend Eli. haha. What made my heart melt though is he will always come and look for me every few minutes! sayaaang mommy's boy. 

Little Kickers was a great experience..however, I'm planning to let him learn swimming first before soccer cuz he likes to impulsively jump into the pool without thinking. I think swimming should be the priority for him. will blog about that soon too! can't enrol both..budget problem. hehe. plus, infant survival swimming costs a bomb. sigh. i hope he'll catch up fast!

Here's the link to the Little Kickers website by the way, if anyone's interested.

Til then,
hugs from Sabby.

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