Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stickerkid Name Stickers : Review and Discount Code for all!

So Tia has started going to her new school and it has been 3 weeks now, and I have to say she adapts pretty well:)
However, this new school has lots of students, so it is not very surprising when Tia brought home another girl's schoolbag one day, and when we did retrieve her own bag, everything inside was gone! It was a little bit of a hassle that day and it turned out that her stuff ended up in another class but I'm sure the teachers are now more aware that Tiana's mommy expects all her school items to be intact when she comes home. hehe. We went back home after that incident and i quickly searched for sharpie so I could scrawl her name over EVERYTHING. I didn't do it in the first place because I have always hated how ugly marker writings are on my or my kids' stuff. I also went all out to make this huge tag for her bag hehe..

However, it was a pleasant coincidence when Stickerkid emailed and offered to sponsor us a pack of 94 customised labels to about perfect timing! 

Stickerkid makes unique and good quality labels which are all purely manufactured in Switzerland. They ship in 24 hours. Tia's label stickers reached me within a week if I am not mistaken. what makes them special is that they are claimed to be:

Each label has a special kind of plastic layered on top which makes it pretty indispensable in the kindergarten as well.

I was offered the Discover Stickerkid Pack for reviewing purposes. It's a pack of 94 stickers and it definitely covers a whole school year of supplies and then some :')

I clicked on "customize and order" and the link led me through foolproof steps to customize the labels. There are a whole bunch of choices for colours, fonts and cute little icons. I was so excited that I forgot to call Tia to choose her own preferred colours and icons. haihh. next time k!

1. Small stickers
I really went to town with these conveniently small sized stickers. I labelled her water bottle, snack box, her box of crayons, even her goggles! the glue stuck on very well, and it has a special plastic layer on top which withstands all the washes. The label on Tia's snackbox still hasn't peel and the wordings still has not been scraped off due to washing. And that label on her goggles stayed through her many swim classes. These labels are amazing.

2.  Clothing stickers
This one i absolutely love! Stickerkid has 2 kinds of these clothing stickers- removable; which they sent to me, and permanent ones. The clothing labels I received are just plain white with black font wordings on it but it works perfectly. You just need to peel of the sticker, put it on your garment, layer it with a piece of baking sheet (which I did not do but works ok), and iron on. easy peasy. the label works like a heatpress product. it sticks to tia's uniforms like those iron on vinyl on tshirts. I have washed Tia's uniforms many times and they still adhere strongly to the garments.

3. 14 shoe stickers
I think these stickers are useful because kids always accidentally change their shoes with other kids in kindergarten.  They are conveniently shaped like the heel of a shoe. and this one allows us to choose a cute little clipart as part of the sticker. I chose a princess, put down her name and my phone number.


Stickerkid is giving my blog readers a special 10% discount off if you decide to purchase any of their products. yeay! Just key in 10discountSGSTICKERKID when you check out to enjoy the discount.

Go check out what they have to offer at the Stickerkid website, i can assure you these sticker labels are worth it and practical:) Til then, Happy Shopping!

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