Sunday, February 21, 2016

Two Storey House a Nayy - My Dear Autoclose Baby Safety Gate

I don't really understand the concept of two storey houses. bigger space maybe, yes..and to save land area correct?

But when you have two toddlers, or a baby and a toddler, AND without a helper too...for me a two storey house is the most ma fan thing ever! 

#1  you need a baby monitor.
#2  when you're going downstairs, your kids have to come with you.
#3  that constant paranoia that your kids will tumble down the stairs.
#4  holding the hand of one toddler and carrying the other, or holding hands of two squirming   toddlers together with their ipads and rideon cars(yes i have that auch requests before) can be a tad TOO handful.
#5   the toddler would try to climb the stairs in the most creative way possible..n hang off the railing saying "wook mommy, i flyyy" and your heart seriously skips one beat.
#6   or this happens.

#7   your kids fell asleep in the car and you have to carry 13-17kgs up those flight of stairs...*mati i*
#8   you have to invest in not only 1 but two baby safety gates at the bottom of the stairs and on top.

So yup, i am in no favor of a double storey house when we have to handle young kids. actually when kids are older also susah. u prepared dinner and you have to shout to get ur kids to come downstairs. and then when ure older you cant even stay in ur own room upstairs but have to be deported to a downstairs room. get the drift?

Since i have to invest in baby gates..i might as well share which gate works best for us. I've gone through 3 kinds really and the winner goes to the My Dear brand.

This gate undoubtedly looks a bit bulky and off colour from your house decor theme but nevertheless the best we've had so far. I got this Auto close Safety Gate from the My Dear website and they shipped it over to the house. It's a bit more costly at about rm278 when we got it but i think worth it. it's been there for 3 years so far. 

Initially i got the Ikea baby safety gate which did not fit and i was supposed to buy extensions so i returned it. i am not much of a handyman and i need something foolproof, like even a monkey can fix.hehe. and then I got 2 Sweet Cherry safety gates (cuz they're cheaper than the rest) -one to put at the bottom of the stairs and one on top. this pair..omg. they really should do quality control. the first one broke and scraped away the wall paint, the second one at the bottom is still there but when we lift it up a bit rough..the whole gate comes off. the lock has come off. so conclusion is- not durable. so we decided to put it at the bottom of the stairs where the risk isn't as bad as the top.

What I like about the Autoclose Safety Gate from My Dear:
1.  The AUTOCLOSE function! Specially for people who always forgot to close the gate behind them. This gate magically swings close by itself. love love this function. especially when you're carrying a whole bunch of stuff and not enough hands to close the gate behind you.
2. Additional lock - not one of those press and lift locks but like a turn key one. when the gate closes  it already locks itself. this lock is for 2-3 year olds who can figure out how to lift and push the gate open. they can't figure out how to use this lock.
3. Fits fine without needing extensions in our doorway
4. Looks solid

So if anyone needs extra info it will be as below, copied from the website:

Hope this post will help new and old mommies in choosing their baby safety gates! have a great weekend:)

*This is not a sponsored post. Sharing is caring!

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  1. We previously used a Sweet Cherry one as well and it broke too ! Thanks for sharing. :)


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