Friday, March 18, 2016

A DAY IN A LIFE OF A MOM | Youtube Vlog


So..this happened. hehe.


I can tell you's probably because I am new to this vlogging thing. I find it a little bit awkward talking to the camera. it's like you're talking to yourself and everybody can see it if you do it outside the house. haha. it somehow gives you an impression of being lonely with nobody to talk to except the camera. hahaha (this maybe true seeing that i have no more friends except my husband who doesn't talk much to me and of course, the kids who are the opposite. they are all. over. me. not kidding at all. lol)

It's easy to be overwhelmed with life when it's so routine. you do the same thing day in and day out and come on, i am pretty sure you agree even if you work in an office. I love mothering, i really do. and i have never felt so blessed that i get to do it exclusively.  it doesn't mean i don't need a break though- even as a pharmacist we all get 30 rest days a year. This  little vlog captured my entire day with two kids under my belt wrapped up in 15 minutes. i will probably come up with another one on a normal school day. I know my editing sucked, but i'm still practising!

Sorry it's a long video. fast forward if you must. if you get bored. hehe. next time i'll just edit a 4 minutes one :D 


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