Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adventure at Ikea Cheras- Missing Iphone!

Since Ikea Cheras opened, my mom, Riz and I found a new port for our breakfast fix. I mean hey, just 10 minutes away from our house comparing to the damansara one which is 45 minutes away.  We love the well talked of Ikea breakfast-the rm0.99  nasi lemak, kuey teow goreng, mee goreng. and free coffee and tea for Ikea Family card holders. sometimes we layan our Ikea meatballs cravings too. oh how convinient.hehe. We are guilty as charged (but not so much) for having breakfast there 2-3x a week nowadays:P Breakfast is only for 1 hour (9-10am) so we usually send tia off to school and shoot off to Maluri where the Ikea is located.

Riz usually has a cupful of yogurt and some waffles while playing at one of the kids playstations in the cafe. 

This morning though, i lost my Iphone 6 at the cafe:( clumsy me we finished shopping at the market hall one floor down, was about to pay and i panicked upon phone in bag.

I rushed back to the cafe, all the while praying hard. i looked around the phone. i asked a couple sitting there and they have not seen. i asked the cafetaria workers, ready to assume that if one of them took it, they might just keep it and i wouldn't know..and my iphone is full of my kids photos:((

The workers were very informative, and honest alhamdulillah. they asked what phone, how does it look like, and said a customer took it. i was already crying from the inside. then one of the guys said.."go down to the lost and found and ask if anyone has dropped off a phone. if dont have, ask the cashier if you could check the cctv."

I went downstairs and THANK GOD my phone is there!! may Allah bless the honesty of that kind guy who dropped it off. whoever you are, thank you so much..

Clumsy mommy as usual. I was putting on Rizzy's shoes and left it on the time you may not be so lucky ok sab. Well done Ikea Cheras for choosing the right kind of staff.........

Anyway, look what I scored at the As-is area today!
 An AGAM Junior Chair ! *victory dance*  it was priced at rm87 and there were 2 today- red and white. i wanted to grab both but another lady has grabbed the other fastt. it was rm160 before and dok la pikir 2-3x nak beli ke tak. Riz is obviously outgrowing the babychair.

I'm alright with this colour. it's Riz's favourite colour too anyway. minimum scratches..but the as is price label leaves a bad sticky residue ishh. i gave it a good rub down with only this and fewh it works great:

Good as new now! bye bye ANTILOP baby chairrr. now i have to fathom the fact that i have no more babies in the house:( it's okay, lets move forward! it means more family adventures n travels to comee(hopefully).

So that was quite a day. nasihat hari ni- jaga phone baik-baik, best makan breakfast kat Ikea Cheras sebab tak ramai orang (but look out for nasty mosquitoes please.berbintat2 badan riz. so bawak mosquito repellant or pakai pants), and rajin-rajinkanlah diri menjenguk as-is section to people who can DIY furnitures and ones who need to save money.

Til next post!:)

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