Tuesday, March 29, 2016

EzBiz Online to Renew Business Registrations

I recently received a notification letter from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM) saying that the Sabbytia business license has expired (oops) and needs to be renewed. it's not easy for me to find time to physically go to the SSM office in KL sentral but i went anyway.

I arrived around 4.15pm because i had a few things to settle in the morning and just my luck..ticket counters are closed:( by like, 1 minute or 2!  i was passed around from 1 counter to the other, some wanted to give me a chance, one last number and some would not. the last person told me "boleh bagi nombor, last..tapi ade 80 orang menunggu ni". True or not i dont know but there were quite a lot of people waiting in the room so maybe true lah. Thank goodness i saw this leaflet:
Otherwise, my half an hour journey from ampang to kl sentral will be of no use. 

Apparently they came up with a new online system which allows you to renew your business registration online. perfect! no hassle. only need to be present once in a lifetime at the counter to activate the online account and you can settle it all at home. since i was already there, i activated my account right away.

You will need to log on to ezbiz.ssm.com.my , sign up as a new user and fill in the online form. There are computers that you can use at the office for that purpose so i did mine there.

An email will be sent to you and you're supposed to print out the activation code and show it to one of the counters. 

The person in charge will activate it for you and all your renewals and payment can be done in the comfort of your own home.

And also lessens your chance to be snapped at by the frontliners for coming late. haha.

So i was at the SSM office only for a while and it was fruitful, thank goodness!

On my way back to the parking lot i saw some kiosks next to the elevator on level 1. so i guess you can register there too. the machines are switched off, so maybe they only work during working hours.

I still havent logged on ezbiz but i will tonight. Hopefully it's a good and nicely designed online system. 

Here are the operating hours of SSM at its HQ. it is advised to go in the morning when the frontliners are still fresh from clocking into work or after breakfast. dont come late like me! haha

I've been to the office twice so far and the office is always full of waiting people. so many entrepreneurs in one room!

So to business owners, do go and activate your ezbiz accounts. Convenient for both parties- business owners and the SSM workers. Oh have you been to my online shop yet? go ahead and have a click the link below if you need a princessy tutu!

Sabbytia Fb
sabbytia.birthdayoutfits on Instagram

til then!


Ok I have renewed my business licence via the online system and it was a smooth process. the system is quite good, quite idiotproof. unlike the one which i use to renew my pharmacist annual retention cert. haha. however sighhh......kena compound:(

Must always remember, everytime we celebrate our courting anniversary, i have to renew sabbytia license sekali. tsktsk.

Ok lah...signing off!


  1. Info yg bagus.. :)
    Sy pun blum pnah buat lg online renewal.. bln 2 ari tue sy renew kat kaunter je :P
    lepas nie, senang la boleh renew online je kan? Mekaseh bg info nie..

    Btw, sy ade letak link post nie dlm post sy (http://greennnpandacraft.blogspot.my/2016/06/no-more-online-business-registration.html) ^_^

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