Monday, March 7, 2016

R.E.A.L Kids Schools Rio Olympics (Sports Day) 2016 - Tia's First!

Went to Tia's first ever Sports Day this weekend and one word to sum up my thoughts - Awesome.

Like BBIM and other franchised schools, the Real Kids' sports day combines a few centres within their zone. This year it is held in an indoor air conditioned stadium which is the KL Badminton Stadium in Cheras. It is easy to recognise how experienced they are because the event was very organised, in my opinion. No one lost a kid, and each centre is allocated their own space in the audience benches.

It was an early Sunday for us as we get both Tia and Riz dressed up. Riz had to stay with Atok and Opah because we worry the crowd would be a bit overwhelming for him and also because we wanted to take nice photos and videos of Tia. hehe. first things first, because there will be hundreds of kids in one stadium, I had to put something on her hair so I could recognise her from afar:

They had a march in, centre by centre. They even had a torch run just like the olympics and flag bearers. so cute! There was a speech, Negaraku singing and the kids danced to their school song.

The telematches were inspired the sports competed at the Olympics:  Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, and Weight Lifting. Tia competed in 'basketball' and she was supposed to roll the ball along the bench, run zigzag in between skittles, bounce the ball and put it in a basket. she was pretty fast. proud of her. All the kids looked determined...and super cute. hehe

They then had a closing ceremony (dance again!) and dismissed. The class teachers lined the kids up at pickup points and will only release them if they recognise the parents.

It was a great day indeed and a milestone for our Tiana Jezmine. First sports day! here are some of the other photos taken:

Well done, our little bub! we were so proud of her <3

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  1. This is the cutest thing ever when you saw your little one achieving even just little things but could mean big. On the other hand, Rio Olympics 2016 is just few days away and every one is excited as much as little ones let us remember the real essence of having Olympiads in this world.


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