Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tiana Jezmine at 4.5 years old

Tiana Jezmine, 4 years 5 months old.

She currently loves going to school. her school gives her homework everyday but she never complains about having to complete them. She loves mandarin and she speaks the language better than malay!(guilty) Her malay is getting better too. Sometimes at home i replied to her in malay just to check if she understands me. and she actually does. but speaking wise still needs some improvement.

She loves seriously, love it. she looks forward to every of her swimming classes. she can swim quite a distance now, although the strokes still need improvement but i'm proud of her because then she could at least survive in emergency situations.

still a picky eater..and it has been 2years believe me! still rejects vege. does not eat  the classic spaghetti bolognese. loves aglio olio and tofu. does not eat school food. so mommy has to come up with creative snackboxes everyday:)

She brings a barbie or a baby doll everywhere nowadays. and always with a change of clothes. sometimes it gets a bit tiring looking at the load she's carrying into the car every car trip..but she said " she's by daughter! she follows me everywhere. she'll need a change of clothes if she peepees during our outing"..ok, can't argue with that hehe. her favourite doll is the Ariel one i bought her a while back.

I temporarily stopped her baby ballet classes at Kizsports because....I wanted to find a more easily accessible place and a better instructor. hehe. so she now only has school and swimming. 

Tia loves to play in her own broadway at home..and it involves a lot of singing and acting and imagination. i would buy some costumes for her and she loves dressing up. and also its almost as if there's always a soundtrack for her every move because she doesn't talk when she plays by herself..she sings!

She is friendly and comfortably talks to people but she does need a little bit of warm up, but not too long. i'm glad she is able to make friends easily.

She is such a patient little girl, it amazes me sometimes. towards her lil brother, her friends..but somehow i wish she would defend herself against people who doesnt treat her right. I pray that she will always be under Allah protection no matter who she's with when i am not around.

That's all for now! til Tia's next update:)

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