Monday, May 16, 2016

A bowl of comfort food

I'm sick. haha. like finally fallen sick. i have this bad headache and my sinuses feel very congested and i'm lethargic. theres this virus which has been circulating around the house..usually i'm the last one standing but looks like my body has taken a toll on me. sekali sekala i guess.

My comfort food has always been a big bowl of soup noodles. any kind. the steam, the soup...sigh just makes me feel a lot better. hehe. its scienfically true though, drinking hot chicken soup could actually help with congestion and colds. here i am typing this post at Taiwan House Ampang Point, alone and enjoying their bowl of beef glass noodle soup. not chicken soup, but oh well, so good. husband's on leave today and is at home with the kids. juust for a lil while.

I really hope Clarinase an Tussidex works fast for me. need to get up on my feet again!

til then,


  1. Hi Sabby,

    It's been a while since i got chance to read blogs until the other day i saw you and your family at the playground after the kids report card day :) So took time today just to drop by this msg.

    Too shy to tegur takut you tak kenal... tak sangka our kids at same school. Hope to meet you again some other time :)

  2. omg just saw this! haha alamak tegur ni pun dah nak berhabuk dah...susah tol nak update T_T sama2 kita kat branch yg same yahh hehe


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