Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Labour Day:)

Did an impromptu shoot with tia for today. dressed her up in her mini labcoat and daddy's stethoscope matched with a yellow tutu. quite a cute assemble i must say!

Tia is now 4 years old and so is our homegrown brand. i remember our first ever product was this headband:

oh coincidentally yellow too!

and then our very first tutu skirt 2.5yrs ago:

i have to say we've been on quite a journey so far and looking forward for more exciting stuff to happen in the future! i'm also sad that my cute little model is growing up so fast:( now everytime i need her to model my tutus i have to start with "tiaaa..can u help mommy with something??" and its either a "no" or "ok fast one ok mommy" or "ice cream after ok?"

til then...

HAPPY LABOUR DAY everyone! have a great weekend:)

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