Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Version of The Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Hack

Like any other crafter, I have to admit that Pinterest is my favourite2 craft search engine. I can spend hours on Pinterest and one idea just leads to another and another and another and it goes on and on!

I wrote a post before on how I would love to get the kids a wooden play kitchen. I was scouting around the cheapest price and found one on for around rm200+. It was really tiny and the colour is a lil bit too gaudy for my liking. Read it here. The kids don't care of course, and it is utilized very well even to this day, in my mom's kitchen. when opah cooks, cucu cooks too. hehe

And then bam Ikea had this unadvertised sale for their Duktig kitchen!! RM199 for the whole set. Price before was RM388. that was a crazy steal. we grabbed one, of course...and my itchy hands started browsing thru Pinterest for a hack because duh, I am into being different than anyone else. haha. no, kidding. actually I really wanted the kitchen to match my new house, so I can put this play kitchen right next to my real one.

The original Duktig play kitchen. Source:

After thorough research...I settled on an all white kitchen. I love the gold tap and sink that people hacked and to make the microwave and oven look a lil bit more real, I painted it silver.

Basically everything was spray painted, and I choose spray paint because it's the easiest and my mom's garden is a good area for me to work on (her rules are- "Make sure no paint residues are seen on the porch OKAY?"). Apparently using a paint brush will be a lil bit more complicated....appearance of brush strokes and all.

Basically you will need these items to hack a Duktig in Malaysia land:
- Primer spray (from ACE hardware. kebetulan i was there, but you can get it elsewhere too)
- Spray paint in desired colours (My favourite go to brand is the Japanese Khameleon brand. apparently it's used for motorbikes too. I use this for my lace crowns as well. as for gold I went for the Abro brand, to get that shiny finish)
- Clear spray paint, to be sprayed as a last step- gives a smooth glossy finish.
-Wood stain for the countertop (ACE hardware has it)
- Sandpaper of medium courseness (I just asked the hardware shop person and she handed me 2 pieces. had no clue but that was what I used)
- Wood alphabets from Kaison, Setapak Central Mall at RM1.90 each.

1) I sandpapered all the wooden pieces lightly first using a medium course sandpaper.

2) Spray paint primer all over the wooden pieces and let dry.

3) Spray paint 2 coats of paint in desired colour, wait for paint to dry in between. one tip- be patient and WAIT til the paint is properly dry before flipping over the wood to paint the other side. otherwise the box you lay them on will stick on to the wood. happened to me. so, be patient! Also, make sure you don't leave out the sides of the wood. spray paint every side.

First coat, let dry.

Second coat, flip and repeat spray.

Silver for the oven and microwave door (don't forget to put masking tape on glass)

4) Spray clear spraypaint all over dried parts.

5) The plastic pieces weren't very complicated to spray but be careful of drips! my advise, spray lightly, let dry and spray a second coat. Plastic piece DONT need to be sandpapered. I tried, and it left a scratch on the tap. hahah

I sprayed the induction stove borders, sink, tap, kitchen legs and even the tiny hooks to hang the pots Gold.

5) I bought real kitchen knobs for the oven and cabinet door. if you're doing this, make sure you find the ones with 5" gap and it will fit perfectly. Try this one:

LANSA handle, RM19.90 for 2

6) Do use masking tape to cover up the glass parts of the kitchen to avoid spraying the glass with paint.

7) Glue gun the word COOK on top of the kitchen shelf using the wooden alphabets. They're already white and match perfectly!

8) The stain for countertop - oh my god I totally wrecked this one. please google and youtube how to stain wood beforehand because I simply painted on the mahogany stain on the countertop and it left drip marks!! arghh....everything else is perfect except for this one. I thought of sticking on a self adhesive wallpaper on it but after assembling, it actually looked quite alright so I chose to ignore the imperfection. hehe. perhaps a good idea is to use shellaq instead of wood stain. cuz i think that would be more straight forward. 

9) Assemble it! Man, this one pun berpeluh jugak because I assembled it ALL with just a manual screwdriver and an allenkey. yup, no man no cry! haha just kidding.

Almost done, almost....

Aaaand the final outcome:

That's about it! basically it is a successful project with some hiccups here and there but most importantly, the kids don't care about the colour. they just play! I thought of drilling some holes on top of the oven door and put in some round knobs to look like the real ones but did not dare use a drill on it. so it's left like that. I also thought of sewing aprons and chef hats and embroidering initial dishcloths to hang on the cabinet handle..but nah..too lazy. I haven't been that creative in decorating it as well. but being the satisfied me, i think it looked pretty great by its own.

The toy food never stays in the kitchen. some somehow "migrated" to the kids bedroom and the dining table. some ended up on my bedside table because the height is just perfect as a kids table. lol.

Some thoughts on the project:
- I think I'll only attempt this's too ma fan! I like sewing better. 
- I am proud of the outcome and my titik peluh. hehe
- Flip those wooden parts and spray paint, but dont forget to check the edges like me. now i need to handpaint the sides with acrylic paint.
- Wear a mask when dealing with spray paint and gloves to save your hands from dripping paint
- total cost of the kitchen may go up to the original price after all. I think i spent another rm100+ from the hardware shop. but worth it though, seeing that only I have this version of kitchen.
- We put this kitchen in the living room to substitute a console table because it matches the other furnitures:D

If you're up to attempt an Ikea hack like me, Good luck!! come on, you gotta try it once in your life right? hehe



  1. wah.... cantik! tak tau plak ada sale kitchen set... if tau mmg dah grap satu jugak .... lama dok ada dlm wish list jer .. huhu

  2. Oh my this is so cool, babe! So much dedication, and it turned out beautifully too. *salute*


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