Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Riz Johann at 2 years and a half

Riz is officially 2 and a half years old now. Time flies. I have mixed feelings about this. It's like, I want him to grow up and out of his terrible two phase, but at the same time...I want him to remain a baby:( At the moment I am trying to enjoy and remember every baby talk, every hug he would voluntarily give me, every peck on the lips which was followed by "eww", the smoothness of his baby skin, and the softness of what was left of his baby hair.

Riz is very attached to me. of course when my husband is not around. when he's around, I am always number 2 to my kids. Can't blame them. he used to be my favourite person too. He would be fine doing his own thing for a couple of minutes alone and then he would call out for me, which sounded like this - "mommy?mooooommyyyyyy....where aaaare yoooou?" followed by the sounds of small footsteps scurrying around looking for me.

He speaks in full sentences now, you would understand what he's trying to tell you, but to join the main keywords he would sound like - "The bus dadadadadada so biiig"

He wants to do EVERYTHING on his own. like, when I tried to help he would cry. for instance, he loves filling up his own cup at our Coway water dispenser. if i helped him do it before he could, he would cry, take that cup back from me, put it back on the drying rack, and started back at square one. I need it perfect, I need to do it from A to Z.

He wanders away during outings. This is something I am so afraid of and everytime I bring him out I have to watch him like a hawk. he would get distracted by something and then walk towards it, not caring if I am left far behind. hence, I have to use a harness everywhere I go with him. he wont hold my hand, and he would walk away as he wishes.

Adores his sister as usual, everything kakak does, he will do. kakak jumps, he jumps. kakak eat koko crunch, he wants koko crunch.

Loves supermarkets. this one is quite nice because it's pretty easy to do grocery shopping with him. he loves loves loves sitting in the trolley or that push cart kiddie cars and help us choose our groceries. he loves to pick out tomatos and chillis for me and put them in a bag, and then toss it into the trolley. and also putting stuff on the cashier belt before paying. 

I actually send him for toddler survival swimming classes because he tend to just impulsely walk towards and jump into the pool in a split second..gulp. Alhamdulillah as of now he knows how to draw a big breath before his head is dunked underwater. he needs to work on long distance swimming though, paddling with his arms and legs.

He loves toys which he can fix such as the Take-A-Part construction machine and duplo, and anything vehicle. he's not so crazy for trains though. his favourite vehicle is the bus (what else) hehe. he loves the Mini Micro Scooter I bought for him a while back. This is pretty convenient for me if we are late in the morning cuz the kids would just speed their scooters to the lift from our condo unit, down to the car park while I fast walk. 

Riz still has a problem sleeping alone. he needs someone to zz next to him every night. Since we gave the kids their own room, we wanted to train him to zz on his own bed. we'll put him to sleep by sleeping next to him in his own bed. and then quietly creep out in the middle of the night. now, I know this is the wrong technique because him having some kind of 6th sense....will somehow wake up 3 minutes after we left his room to come find us. sigh...

During car rides, while sending kakak to school or on the way to grandma's house, Riz would point to each and every vehicle and say repeatedly" mommy look, truck!truck, mommy! it's so big!" and then..."crane mommy, look! it's building a house". Car seats are okay for him at the moment,  he would oblige.

On some mornings I would drive to my mom's house with him for breakfast there, he would ask for yogurt. then he would ask me "mommy are we going to Ikea? get opah to come along!" oh how we love our ikea breakfast dates, the three of us. after breakfast we would put him in a trolley and browse around and he would be very well behaved.

That's basically all about RJ at 2 years 6 months. It has been such a journey so far. he is our adventurous, cheeky little sweetheart. and though sometimes challenging and worrying (looking at the amount of climbing he does) taking care of him, I will definitely miss him at this age when he grows a little bigger.oh the cuddles!!


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