Tuesday, October 11, 2016

An Update after so long!

Okay, so I have been totally slacking on posting. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of......basically everything. I miss blogging everyday and everytime i do or go somewhere great I would tell myself, "ok, this is going into the blog" and then I would go home, stay up, type a little bit......and fell asleep. There are around 3-4 posts which are halfway written drafts in my dashboard. hehe

Picking up from last June...we moved into our own home in May. There was a change in routine, and it takes quite some time to adjust. I will (yes, I will) vlog on house tour soon. If my house is in order. It's just a condo, but it's home, and it's our first one. We are atop a shopping mall so it's like super convenient (and pocket emptying too). I have direct access to japanese food that I no longer crave for it. haha. With 2 toddlers though, as much as I try to buy all the organization bins in the world....the house will always end up looking cluttered at the end of the day. It's ok. will keep trying.

The kids are growing up so beautifully. Tiana loves school, she has a bff in class...she just recently know how to read more than before. She surprises us all the time. It teaches me never to doubt her abilities. There was a time we were getting worried about her ever going to start walking, and one day she just goes. we thought we will never manage to potty train her and one day, she just go pee on the toilet and never looked at a diaper anymore. no accidents pulak tu. For a while recently I thought she's going to have problems in reading but suddenly she came back reading a whole page of her school reader book that teacher hasn't seen yet. Quite amusing. I've seen other kids do it better but I try to convince myself that every kid is different, and that she'll get there, and if she's not as good then she will be better in another skill.

Riz is going through the classic terrorist three phase. He is very attached to us and none other, refusing school and quite possessive over his belongings. I'm confused about teaching kids to share actually, because I've seen toys being grabbed away from my kids hands one too many times. I just teach them to not let go and tell the other kid that "I'm not done yet". and same goes to them, to wait for their turn and not grab until the other kid with the wanted toy is done. and then comes the problem of hogging pulak. sigh. If you do have any tips though, do share with me ok?:) Riz pelatness is the cutest thing at the moment, and I wish he would stay this small because of that! other than that, he is very sweet and such a momma's boy, I am protective and possessive over him:P And what melts me the most is during tantrum moments, when he's angry, he just lets me hold him and I can feel him calming down. It just makes me feel useful and needed. He is still up to mischief every day, but he also needs some cuddles every few minutes. seriously!

I'll be back with newer posts. I hope this update post kickstarts my momentum of blogging again. Til then.



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