Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No ipads during the day

Okay so I am not a mom who restricts the ipad on her kids. i don't really have screen time rules too for now..but hey you can't be too perfect. i do provide a lot of self play activities around them- a small kallax shelf filled with costumes, a sensory bin filled with beans, colouring pages and all that stuff.

For a few months now i kept the ipad away from the kids when their daddy's at work.out of sight, out of minds. not because of all that paranoid stuff they say about these electronics. but more of because i cannot stand the whining when the internet got disrupted and the youtube video doesn't load, the fight when one refuses to share it with another and also to the sudden deafness when they're on it. i can talk and nag and they just..tune out. seriously my pet peeves k.

So what do they do when theres no ipad? they watch tv.yeah i still switch on the tv. but being kids..they get bored after awhile especially with all the astro replays.so that's when they wander around the house looking for something to play with. 

At the moment they love roleplaying with the costumes.it's a joy watching them playing together and not fighting for the ipad. when i have free time i try to paint with tia. riz doesnt like paint and its messiness!

I hope the habit will stay- i still have to surrender to the ipad during mealtimes. mommy daddy need to eat in peace.hehe.but so far we've survived without the ipads during the day. although the house looked like it had a toy explorion- will try to keep this up as long as i can!


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