Monday, December 26, 2016

Of swollen tonsils and apnea

So I need to jot this down real quick.

Since the past month we've noticed that Riz has been snoring quite loudly through out the night. He has always been snoring, but there was something different about it so we decided to watch him....and to our horror he skips a few breaths while asleep. Now this has never happened to Tia so experiencing this first time can be overwhelming and disturbing for us.

I know this is what they call sleep Apnea - a condition when a person stops breathing for a few seconds while in deep sleep. What happens is that when you unconsciously stop breathing.....oxygen doesn't reach your brain, your lungs...but hey, i am no doctor so for a semi layman like me it's just code red all the way:(

Riz sleeps in his own bed in the kids room. and my husband will sleep with him every night. I can't bear to hear the scary noises he makes when he sleeps. it's exactly like loud snoring and then like stuck breathing, then after a few seconds the breathing becomes fast and rapid, chest heaving. and all this while he sleeps. he's not bothered by it so far. at the same time while i try to sleep alone in my room- cant help thinking what if he just..stopped breathing?

My husband checked and discovered his tonsils are like a grade 3 huge. He said it would probably best to have them removed but we need a second opinion so to the ENT we went. The ENT specialist confirmed that his tonsils are really big. Along with enlarged tonsils, adenoids (a structure behind the nose) would be enlarged too. and thus narrows down the airway. Everytime we get an infection, the tonsils will enlarge. in riz's case...he gets one after another infection that the tonsils doesn't have enough time to shrink back to its normal size to the point where it actually could not shrink down anymore.

What happened in the night is..when he's in deep sleep, the airway muscles will relax and collapse. not being able to breathe properly, he slipped back into the REM sleep (light sleep) where the air tube would be a bit free (according to my language) so he can take some breaths. This results in- when he wakes up he's like us without our morning coffee- sleep deprived. cranky and whiny. During the day he'll be active and hyper and extra mischievious because he cannot fall asleep due to difficulty in breathing.

Poor baby:(

The specialist recommended these options:
1.  Syrup prednisolone for 5-7 days(apparently it works the best despite all the skeptical thoughts of its side effects) I'm praying hard for this one to work.
2.  Try out a steroid nasal spray.
3. After 6 month if the snoring still persists and the apnea got worse, consider to have his tonsils removed; apparently it gives positive results.

We're really hoping that option #1 will work with this condition. We were advised not to proceed with surgery just yet, but to try other ways and means first. of course I wouldn't want any surgeries on him for as long as possible. So I'm praying syr predni would do the trick. Steroids are anti-inflammatory  agents and reduces swelling so it makes sense. It has its cons in children but this is a 5-7 days thing..should be alright.

Will update again soon, hopefully with good news.

Til then,

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