Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Maleficient Tutu Dress

For Halloween this year, Tia was Maleficient. I made the costume top to toe and here are the breakdowns:)

The Black Dress

The dress was just a simple full length tutu dress, all black. Black crochet top, 3 layers of black tulle. She gets taller with each progressing year. This year she's 24" from waist to floor. It was pretty taxing by the time I got to the topmost and third layer, that I wanted to just cincai the bodice part. hehe. I grabbed some black ribbons and glued them layer by layer to make it look like they're woven around each other. and hey, it works!

The bodice looked a little bit worn out after several wears but shaggy is alright with this theme:D

The Collar

For Maleficient's collar, I cut some triangles out of black felt, glued them up, and put velcros on them so they could be attached and detached from the dress.

Maleficient's Horns

Maleficient's horns, or helmet as I like to call it is something that I am most proud of out of the whole outfit! I followed this tutorial from youtube, by LinzMushel:

In her tutorial, she uses only duct tape and aluminium foil! it's the easiest and cheapest one I've found and really easy to follow. I put on my mom's scarf inner on Tia's head as a base instead of the beanie in the video. I tell you, it was purely just duct tape all around! with some ribbons and laces on the outside. One mistake I did was that my horns did not cover tia's ears when it was supposed to! too lazy to mend it by then. I glued felt all around the bottom of the helmet and some inside so that the horns won't slip off her head easily. She went up and down the slides and the horn stayed on her head! Post party we have one maleficient horn in the kids' dress up wardorbe. awesome right?

The Staff

Maleficient brings around a staff with a glowy ball on top and a black bird perched on it. We have to make that! Lucky us I got a black raven on 70% off from spotlight. It was rm11 in the end. Then there was this big devil's trident which I got for only rm4 after clearence. I took off the red trident fork and attached a green plastic ball I found using duct tape. I cut the duct tape to make those sharp looking grips on the green ball. I then hotglued the black raven to the top of the green ball and voila! Maleficient's staff. tadaa.

Thats basically it in terms of diy..the rest is to tell her "Tia,always put on an evil angry face. your wings are stolen from you!" and walked around with this face:

I braided her hair up and tucked everything into the helmet, put on some eyeliner and red lipstick and she was ready to go! She won a prize at the Kizsports Halloween Party too. so all is good:D Til then, enjoy these pics of her in our sabbytia Maleficient tutu dress..

And a last one with little brother who lovesss firemen haha. dushh!

If you would like to order or customise a tutu set/dress, head over to my tutu shop. I'm available on facebook and instagram ;)

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  1. You sure are so creative... I would never have thought of it... But Tia is also such a great actress... The photos depict her in her element.....

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