Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year and 2017 Resolutions

Oh my. First post of the year 2017. All the things I've missed to post! I think about posting every single day and I miss blogging here. However, I've been doing a major load of multitasking and it hasn't been easy.

First and foremost, I would like to wish my readers a happy, happy Chinese New Year. Xin Nian Kuai Le to all who are celebrating:) May this year of the rooster bring even more joy and laughter, good health and good fortune.

We did a little photoshoot to wish customers of Sabbytia Birthday Outfits as well as family and friends, a very Happy CNY too!

We wish we are out there celebrating with everyone but many many years ago, our "po po" left my mom (not dead, she just left and went poof MIA) but everything happens for a reason, and with every bad thing that happened we are gifted with something so much better. Because she left, we are blessed with our Atuk and Opah, and they did not fail to give us as much love as a pair of grandparents would. Such a blessing.

Since it's still very much a new year (hehe), let me summarise the year 2016 that we left behind:
  1. Tiana started a new school and it has been great. 
  2. Riz tried out 2 schools but chickened out, and we kind of decided to keep him at home til he's 5 years old.
  3. My tutu shop has evolute quite a bit - I invested in new machines, tried out a few new products and I'm ever so grateful that people love them- all of them:)
  4. Daddy Radzli tried out for masters programme, pathology- we shall see what 2017 will bring us!
  5. We moved into our new pad..and so in love with it:)
  6. Our travels were Kuala Pilah, Port Dickson, Penang, JB. lol. overseas nada.
Ok nothing too great. just boring day to day stuff. My 2017 resolutions will be:

  1. To keep on building Sabbytia. hey I've already built a website to start the year with. will announce it in a bit:D
  2. I want to improve my organisation skills. It has been a bit messy around me. I need to label more stuff and buy more organisation bins (sounds lame because my house will be filled up with Ikea's transparent boxes)
  3. I will wake up earlier and send Tiana to school earlier every day despite not being an early morning person (this resolution is on repeat every year. last year wasn't so successful. note school starts at 8.10am, i reach school at 8.35am)
  4. I will go on an island holiday this year (also resolution since the past 2 years)
  5. I will start either pilates or yoga this year (maybe. ni last year pun sama tapi tak tercapai)
  6. the pressure of housekeeping. Everyone says i need a maid but my past two experiences was so bad I am trying to keep it together all by myself. I hope I can handle it this year as well.
  7. To make sure Tia gets into the school I registered her in. Because it's a good one, it's my dream school for her and we don't have the budget to send the kids to private or international schools. 
  8. Complete my prayers.
  9. To blog more often and stop missing my family milestones! 
My 2017 wishes are (wishes are not resolutions right? they're more like prayers)
- A luxury bag
- An overseas trip
- Husband to love me more (more than the kids. eherm. bukan jealouslah!haha)
- A ladies trip without the kids (except that the other ladies also have kids they can't leave:D)

Ok, that's all for now. till next post! Hopefully not in another 6 months:) gulp.

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