Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunway Lagoon- Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon 1st Birthday Bash

The nickelodeon lost lagoon waterpark has turned 1year old and it is going to be a weeklong party with cupcakes, food, and drinks through out this march school holidays.

Our family was invited to the launch if this awesome birthday party to catch a glimpse of what's to come from the 18-26th march and it was a celebration indeed. Tia and Riz were particularly excited to meet spongebob and his friends, dora the explorer and the teenage mutant ninja turtles! So off we set out early morning to attend the launch.

Coincidentally, we brought the kids to Sunway Lagoon last month and that was our first time exploring the Lost Lagoon. unfortunately for kids under 1m tall there were only two attractions that they get to enjoy- the Splish Splash and the Spongebob Splash Adventure. However, they enjoyed it all the same, and that is pretty much the max a toddler or young kid can take anyway before a meltdown comes in the way! 

Splish Splash
This little area felt like a huge shower area with all the water sprays and jets! there were water guns, little fountains, basically everything which sprays water. the kids love it here, particularly riz who likes pointing the water gun to everyone he sees even though the gun is so much bigger than he is!


Spongebob Splash Adventure
This one has a huge bucket right at the top which will pour out i don't know how many gallons of water every few minutes! the splash is crazy. some sit and wait for it..i would hide.hehe. there are so many water slides which both kids enjoy so much. and we spend most of our time in this small area because it was so much fun there. It's good to let the kids wear goggles while playing here.


There's a special school holiday deal offered by Sunway Lagoon and this includes food and drinks as well! buffet huts are set up near the Spongebob Splash Adventure. There will also be cupcakes to enjoy, face painting and temporary tattoos for the kids, game stations and at a certain timing (4pm) everyday the huge bucket at the Spongebob Splash Adventure park will splash SLIME! we did not get to experience this one because the kids were already getting cranky so we had to make our way home around 3-ish pm.

For more information on this big celebration and its package you could check out this link here.


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