Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Block, rojak, rusty.

I was reading this article about that girl Cassandra Hsiao who scored into 8 Ivy league schools, which was linked to her youtube channel. Very impressivelah this girl. She interviewed quite a bunch of artistes including Chris Evans, Aulii Cravalho, Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

This post isn't particularly about her, but about this particular interview with Lin-Manuel at a Moana press conference and his quote that caught my attention:

"When you start writing, you're turning on a faucet, when you turn on the faucet the water is brown, and its full of things in there that are clogged up and are not able to come out, and then you just keep on writing and writing till the water's clear and that's when you found your own voice, so keep writing." ~Lin-Manuel Miranda

Well, I am no writer. but I like to write. Even though it's just rojak language-d blogging. I'm currently having a writer's block too, and can't seem to write very well due to inconsistent blogging and reading. If I do blog, do bear with my lousy writing.When I read novels, I tend to write better. But I've got no time to read, heck I bought the latest Harry Potter (The Cursed Child) book and stopped reading at page 15, and that also while on the loo. haha. Missing the days I could lie on the bed the whole day and just read book after book sampai pening. But life goes on, and the kids, house and tutu business are taking all of me.

I have got lots to update, I guess I need to look into my time management a bit more thoroughly I guess. When I was working I could write a post a day because I'm in front of the computer the whole day and have the luxury of 1 hour lunch. Yeah, I do mean luxury. Nowadays if I have a luxury 1 hour lunch, one of the kids will push the other of the bed or something along the lines.

It's 2am and that's all I have on my tired mind at the moment. Til then, lots of love from me:)

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