Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween Party 2017 -by Tiana Jezmine (1st blogpost ever!)

Lazy Sunday it was, and I was transferring photos from the camera to my external hard drive with Tia sitting next to me playing with one of her barbies. She asked me if she could whatsapp her grandma and I thought, man...somehow teaching my lil girl to communicate that way doesn't seem so right. I asked her why don't you call Opah straight away? and she replied "I like writing it down better".

So a random idea came to mind and I suggested, why not, since we have a blog and it's been deserted for so long- I'll upload a photo of you and why don't you type out what you think about the photo, what would you like to tell people about this photo of you?

(At least I feel a bit better about her communication skills- talk to people, don't just message. jangan ikut mommy hehe). 

Also, since she wants to write, just let her do it. Just like you and I, the more you write, the better your skills are. I mean, just look at my skills now-4 paragraphs of bad writing. lol. so over to you, my guest author: Miss Tiana Jezmine! This is a milestone okay, first blogpost hahaha (I promise to update about the actual event soon. I'm trying to keep her writing as unabridged as possible. warning- spelling mistakes up ahead!) Towards the end she got a bit bengong and ran off saying "I need a rest now. I will come back and do our singapore trip post!" 

Halloween Party 2017 
Guest Author- Tiana Jezmine

We celebrated halloween last week. I was poison ivy. i was so happy there. i remember there was a play ground.i saw the balloon PoP and candy fall down i grabbed so many ball candy wrapped up in Gold it was enough for my family.


the cat walk was so awesome i love it i am tiana i am shy some time well not for halloween only when i was small of course but the cat walk was still awesome because i get to see people and pose.


the eye pice my mom did i use eye shadow and eye liner for the make up next the wig i borrod the wig from kakkak elysha next the costume the costume is made by my mom it was good i am a kid but i still love it next the tights i put a little bit of leafs thats all il do some later.



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