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Travelling with Kids 2017- Resorts World Sentosa Singapore (S.E.A. AQUARIUM)

Tiana and Riz turned 6 and 4 respectively last November and we brought them to Singapore to celebrate. The last time we went was when Tia just started walking, so that should be some 5 years ago! A lot has changed obviously, back then they were still building Marina Bay Sands. lol

It was Riz's first time out of Malaysia. When you have two kids, and when the mom quits her full time job..this is what happens. Your budget just gets tighter. Poor baby:( but always, always be grateful! at least we got to take him to Singapore on an airplane ride.

Here's what I can conclude though.....travelling with baby, toddler, or kids- each stage has its own challenges! When we were travelling with then baby Tia we talked about a lot of parent room hunting for diaper change and a bagful of diapers, puree packets and milk. You can read about our previous trip here. But when we travel with small kids...there shall be whinings, tantrums, and lifesaving snacks (aka tantrum-saving snacks) involved. It's tiring, but we feel complete nonetheless. We stuck together as a family at all times (like totally no way out, so there wasn't any choice. hehe)

This time we took the Resorts World Sentosa Mastercard promo package which included:
- 2 nights stay at one of the hotels and we chose Festive Hotel
- 2 1 day adult passes to S.E.A. Aquarium, Universal Studios and Adventure Cove waterpark.
---> SGD$706

We had to buy an extra kiddy 1 day pass to all parks for Tia which was another $110, but luckily kids under 4 gets to go for free so yay Riz! phew, just as we were about to feel the pinch!

We took the 8am flight out of KL. We fed the kids muffins for breakfast while waiting to board. Reached an hour after, and after settling the baggage we got out at around 10-11am. 

One main tip when you're travelling with a 4 year old is, although he or she may seem too big for it- PLEASE BRING A STROLLER. like a light umbrella fold one or those cool babyzen yoyos. trust me, that saved us some sanity especially because riz was a little unwell the first two days:(

We chose Festive hotel this time around because of the spacious family room. There was a loft bed, so Tia took that one. Personally, i feel that the bed was really too high up and although they have thought through the safety aspect of the bed to prevent falls...i still have the jitters when Riz climbs up and down the stairs to kakak's bed. It was fun nonetheless, but if you have kids 4 years and under, nobody's gotta sleep up there. hehe. There's another sofa bed at the bottom, so Riz slept there, and us parents took the main bed. The kids really loved the room and had loads of fun climbing around, and they also enjoyed their complimentary washbags - kids toothbrush, a water squirt bottle and an awesome LED lighted watch.

We rested for a bit, and fed the kids some Nasi Ayam Uncle Chin which we ordered and tapaued down from the flight:P  Then off we go to S.E.A Aquarium.

What Riz loved most about S.E.A. Aquarium is the shark tank. He just stood there gawking at various types of sharks swim by. The aquarium tunnel was very long, but crowded at the time we were there so....a lot of photobombs.

Best part was the HUGE 2 storey high aquarium wall. you get to see everything from there. The giant manta ray, the sharks, many kinds of other sea creatures. We waited for feeding time and watched the divers in awe. While waiting, there was a kids area where they can do some colouring while parents took a breather. It was hypnotising to watch. do spend some time sitting around here to just watch the fishies swim. If you have extra budget, have lunch at the Ocean restaurant. we did the last time around and it was definitely worth it. there was a dress code to follow when dining there.

That's about it. I planned so that we visit the aquarium on the first day because the kids might be tired from travelling and this wasn't such a tiring visit. Waterpark was done on the second day so that the hotel is just walking distance if we have to go back drenched wet. Universal Studios on the 3rd day, and then we booked another hotel on Singapore's mainland to stay the night after a hectic day of USS.

HALAL FOOD: I was a bit upset that the halal sign wasn't as many as i thought- we tried the Malaysian Street next to USS to see if we can get snacks for the kids- all the stalls sells pork or uses lard except for two stalls- briyani and nasi lemak. Before I knew, I ordered a claypot chicken rice from 1 stall, asked them to minus out the lard. he laughed at me and said okay. when food arrived, there were shredded pieces of bacon on the rice. geez. dahla currency was x3. grr. so yeah, if you're looking for halal food in the Malaysian Street, just look out for the two stalls mentioned above.

We later found this restaurant called Streats and ate there every meal time because they have yummyy halal chinese style dishes. Our favorite was their salted egg chicken with rice. hehe.

 That's day 1 for us in Singapore with the kids! stay tuned for day 2:)

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