Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kids First Dental Visits

The other day, my kids had their first dentist visits.

YES! i know i know, first visit at age 6 and 4. Bad parenting yada yada. Truth is, we’ve been giving in to the kids’, or rather Tiana’s fear of going to the dentist. Sometimes I wonder, how do you know it’s scary if you’ve never been? It must be the big dentist chair and the equipments laid out next to it. Overwhelming for kids I guess.

For the longest time we’ve been looking for recommendations of a kids friendly dental clinic around KL, ampang and setapak. I’ve heard of colourful, kids friendly ones in Damansara and PJ but thought it’s too far out.

One evening as I was picking up Tia from her art class i passed by a dental clinic. big, spacious, lots of light and a christmas tree in the middle, cuz it’s that time of year. I walked in and asked how much to just check the kids’ teeth- rm20 and decided today would be the day that we do this! no negotiations. hehe

Random decisions are always good. No one saw it coming:P Tia was hesitant at first, didn’t want to get on the chair. and then Riz offered, “I am 4 years old and I’m brave. I’ll go first!” 

Bigggg sigh of relief for me.

I didn’t take any photos of him because the dentist looked at his teeth within a few seconds and said “so good! no cavities at all”. and then it’s Tia’s turn.

Dr Tan is very good with kids, despite having a plain office, nothing colourful. She explained what she’s going to do to Tia and talked about all her scary looking tools especially the drill looking one. She answered Tia’s questions very patiently too.

She found 2 cavities. sigh. and she asked Tia’s permission to take out the “worms” that are living in the holes in her teeth. Below was how i look like watching the dentist fix her teeth. lol

Tia went through the whole process of filling two teeth like a champ. Throughout the session, she will keep on asking if Tia is okay and that she’ll be done very sooon. After the whole session was complete, she commented “I love Dr Tan! can we come again?” 

There goes my attempt to cut down her sugar cravings by saying “dont eat too much sweet stuff again yea, otherwise you have to stay longer on the dentist chair!”*shrugs*

By the way, Tia has not lost any of her milk teeth yet. haha.

So if you’re looking for a kids friendly dentist in Setapak, try this dental clinic. nothing fancy but look for Dr Tan. she works there on Monday, Wednesday and the weekends. 

Oh as for pricings, it was rm20 for kids teeth check up, rm60 for each child tooth filling. (adults teeth filling starts from rm100)

And details of the dentist office we went to:
Precious One Dental Centre
PV 128
Jalan Taman Ibu Kota,
Danau Kota,
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Contact no: 03-41816183

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