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Travelling with Kids 2017- Resorts World Sentosa Singapore (Adventure Cove Waterpark)

On to Day 2! 

Our family has always been a big fan of waterparks, and this particular waterpark started off as our first favourite. Probably also because this was the first waterpark we experienced with a baby in tow some 5 years ago. Back then, we definitely couldn't enjoy the entire park. But we still enjoyed some splash areas and we loved that we could push the stroller around the park and there are a few convenient stops for babies. Read our previous experience with a baby here :D

We started off the day with McDonald's for breakfast. Gotta try the famous Nasi Lemak Burger. It was a bit too sweet and lotsa bawangs for me though. 


Riz was still unwell, look at his poor face:(

So. Where do I start? This visit was awesome because Tia was able to try almost every attractions in the map. I had fun, because then I got to try everything too! Daddy was more meh, no thanks. so he wandered and soaked around with Riz while Tia and I went trying all the possible slides she could. yayy.

Tia is actually a bit short for her age, so there are a few slides she couldn't try. For a 111cm tall 6 year old, she went on the Dueling Racer twice, Riptide Rocket (this one's crazy. Apparently the first hydro-magnetic coaster in Southeast Asia. almost gave me a heart attack weh)-TWICE. once with mommy once with daddy. lol. I tried the rest of the slides on my own while the kids spent their time with daddy *insert evil emoji here*

Our favourite in any waterpark is the Adventure River. Theres one in Legoland and also in Sunway Lagoon. We usually go on this thing two or three times per visit. We love 'swimming' and following the water stream and grabbing a tube whenever we see one. What we found really unique about the Adventure Cove's Adventure River is when we pass by the Ray Bay. There's a ledge we can plonk our kids to sit on and just watch the stingrays swim. 4-5 stingrays would usually come and say hello! Also when we pass Dolphin Island, we like to peek through the gaps to see people feeding or swimming with the dolphins- although they are not meant to be viewed. hehe.

For 3-4 year olds, The Big Bucket Treehouse is awesome for them. A lot of waterguns, sprays, big bucket splash, and miniature slides which Riz loved going on again and again. The water's a bit too cold- then again it's the same with the other waterparks. I wonder why. brr.

The Bluewater Bay Wavepool was something Riz enjoyed as well. He's a bit of a daredevil at his age- wanting to swim deeper in and giving me anxiety when the waves started T_T Wait til he's tall enough for the slides- i think he'll try it all! He waited at the Seahorse Hideaway while we took turns going on the Duel Racer because it was just next to the slide- This one is just better for babies and toddlers. I remembered Tia loving this one when she was 1, and then had a nap in one of the cabanas surrounding the pool (btw it's not free of charge anymore to nap there). Riz said, too boring!

I was hoping to feed the stingrays and Ray Bay but thought it was a bit to pricey for us - maybe next time!

Riz entered the waterpark with a slight fever but exited recovered :') I guess must be from all the excitement in the park. The locker room facilities are very nice, although I wish some tourists would be decent enough to cover up their privates. One woman came out naked from a shower cubicle and oh boy i had to go through the 'decency' talk with Tia *shrug*

Oh and snorkeling at the Rainbow Reef! This is unique, though I prefer real snorkeling better:P The water was super cold but it was soo pretty in the tank. kudos kudos anyway. Kids play in the sand next to the rainbow reef while waiting for mommy to snorkel.
Mealtimes - We brought biscuits if I'm not mistaken, for snacks. and then there are two stops- A restaurant which sells pastas, fish n chips and stuff like that. But we decided to go cheap and went to this one stall for hotdogs. I think it was also because the stall was halal. It wasn't so bad. 

A little mischief and some pep talk going on up there. teehee.

For dinner we went to Streats still. We exited when it was closing time. So it was time well spent! We made sure to bathe and change the kids first then walk back to the hotel, stopping for dinner on the way.

So this is why I think it's important to stay at Resorts World itself because by the end of the day, the kids were already too tired for us to catch an uber to go to a hotel out of the area. It was a wise decision. 

Photos are a little bit difficult to take but here's a video summary of the fun we had at the Adventure Cove Waterpark:)

That was day 2 in Singapore, stay tuned for day 3:)

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