Monday, January 1, 2018

Goodbye 2017.

It's time to bid adieu to the year 2017.
2017 was such an eventful year.

It started out pretty sweet, but with kind of like a hanging end.

There was Prague-Vienna-Budapest which was the best thing that happened this year.

And then Wisana Village -where the kids go snorkeling for the very first time, and we celebrated first day of Ramadhan there. Odd much, it felt nice having sahur on an island far away:)

My husband started his masters programme - so our whole family is trying to emotionally support a soon to be specialist daddy.

Riz's goes to school, for real! for the first time- and we moved Tia to another kindy to accompany Riz, and it was a great decision. remember to trust your instincts at all cost.

Tiana split chin open, and had several stitches under her chin- that was an intense experience for all of us, man.

We managed to register Tia into the school we hoped for, Alhamdulillah. well, we had to work a little bit harder to get this one. And I, of course have my own reason as to why I chose a school half an hr away from home.

Tia knew how to read fully at the beginning of this year. 

My dad had a successful prostate laser surgery.

Riz was weaned of diapers and pacifier.

Sabbytia did amazingly (and surprisingly) well on etsy especially on halloween this year.

I pierced my nose. yup, I did. Because life is a roller coaster, amidst all the good things that happened, there are times when I have a jumble of feelings in my head, and I feel overwhelmed with my daily routine. Anyway, I love the tiny bling in my nose (for now). I took off both pair of earrings in my ears and I'm going to switch it with the tiniest stud when it's all healed.

I decluttered my whole house a few days before end of the year.....and got us a new sofa and a writing desk for the living room. This felt good.

So why do I feel like it has a hanging end?

-You know what they say about when you're a stay at home mom you're around all the chaos and yet you feel lonely? I wish I have more mommy friends, or just anyone I could hang out with without kids involved. What do you expect when you spend all your waking hours with kids and your husband isn't a talker?
-Which leads me to...I miss the husband. yes, we live under the same roof....but I'm hoping we'll communicate better this year and still appreciate each other. It's been 9 years together. too short to turn off the lights, really.
-I worked really hard this year.....but I am currently on a hiatus because Tia is starting school and it changes all my daily routine and I am nervous. Trying to tell myself that we will be okay. 

Okay so 2018, I hope to turnaround all that is said above. Lets not get too ambitious, just start with that. Here's to a good year to all of us, may it be kind, and a much happier one:)

Cheers to all.

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